How to Start a T-Shirt Business with Next Level Apparel in Four Steps

Fashion represents one of the largest industries in the world because clothing items are constantly needed. Starting an online T-shirt business is the best way to take advantage of popular fashion trends. However, you can’t resell garments from other clothing brands without distinguishing them first. Instead, you can purchase low-cost bulk T-shirts from a reputable brand such as Next Level Apparel or Bella and Canvas and print them with custom designs. The benefit of this business type is that you can adapt and scale it depending on your time, budget, and resources. But if you want the business to work and be profitable, you must invest in the proper advertising and the best designs you can afford.

Step 1. Create Unique Designs

First and foremost, if you are determined to make the business work, you should find and follow a niche. Doing research increases your chances of selecting the right category. You can take inspiration from the actual client preferences by analyzing the hottest trends and what people like to wear. Usually, if you find other brands exploiting your idea, it might already be too late to follow. With so many ways to search for trends and niches, all you have to do is take your time in choosing the ones with the most potential. After defining your brand, it is time to start creating your designs. 

It is in your best interest to find a professional graphic designer to help you transform your idea into art. But can’t you make your design? If you have some basic knowledge, you could try, although you do not want to go wrong with the artwork. For example, the Next Level Apparel T-shirts are an asset for you, but the unique design gives them value and makes them a product that stands out from the rest. In other words, this business revolves around custom merchandise, so do not expect poor artwork to bring you high profits.

Instead, you should carefully consider your options before opening the store. If you hire an expert designer and tell him exactly what you want, he will create high-quality artworks for you to print. Although it can be expensive, getting professional help is a long-term investment. You only pay the freelancer a one-time fee and can use the design forever. However, to ensure your print will sell for a long time, you should first get it validated by others. To ask for feedback, you can show your print ideas to your friends, family, and potential clients to see their reactions. Once you choose the best design, it is time to proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Choose Reliable Supplier Like Bella and Canvas

Bella and Canvas is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of shirts, tanks, hoodies, and many other clothing items. Like Next Level Apparel, they are known for selling high-quality garments in large quantities. Clients appreciate well-known brands, and you can buy from multiple companies with the help of wholesalers. The benefits of working with a reputable supplier include:  

  • Wide Range of Products

The main advantage of choosing a reputable brand like Next Level Apparel for your business is the many types of garments they supply. It would be best if you always had in stock T-shirts of superior quality. And perhaps, with time, you will expand the business to include other products, such as custom printed hoodies, sweaters, or accessories. A reputable brand has clothes for all sizes of men, women, and children. Finally, if you need more styles, you will find everything from the same supplier. 

  • Comfort and Quality

You will want to purchase garments that respect the highest quality standards. For example, a stylish Bella and Canvas T-shirt made with premium fabrics will sell much faster than older models. In addition, clients prefer fashionable, durable, sustainable, and eco-friendlt clothes. So if you want them to feel comfortable, you should only sell products that meet these requirements. Therefore, if you make no compromise regarding material, you will build up a good reputation and improve client retention.

  • Low Costs and Other Services

For your store to be profitable, your income should exceed the expenses. There are many costs associated with running the business, and it might take some time until you see a profit. However, the good news is that you can find high-quality shirts at low prices. To rival with competition, you can save money not by purchasing low-quality garments but by buying in large quantities. When buying in bulk, you can choose various colors and materials designed to suit any person. The more you buy, the less you pay and combined with the free shipping, you can save substantial amounts of money over time.

Step 3. Get Professional Help to Launch the Business

While it might seem easy to start a clothing business, there is a long way to reach success. First, you must be creative to stand out from other sellers in a highly competitive market. Then, you must find a niche, create a design, choose a supplier, understand the printing techniques, and make the business known to as many clients as possible. You are building a real business, and there will be many obstacles on the way. The final result varies depending on how serious you take things, but often the most rewarding experiences are those when you have someone to support you.

Therefore, you should seek professional advice starting with the planning stage. An advisor will help you decide between a classic business model or a simple and cheap alternative such as dropshipping. If you choose the former, you will be working with local printing companies, and the expenses could be higher. As a result, you should carefully determine the price of your products. For the business to be profitable, the selling price should include the costs related to purchasing, designing, and printing the T-shirts plus your profit margin. Of course, it would be best if you did an estimation beforehand because if the selling price is too higher, you might risk losing many clients.

Step 4. Promote Your Custom Next Level Apparel T-Shirts

The real challenge starts after you get the business started. For people to buy your custom Next Level Apparel T-shirts, you must enforce a proper marketing campaign. Nowadays, there are various ways you can create an online presence for your business, such as: 

  • Online Advertising

You can use many tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target your potential clients directly. These powerful tools offer you valuable information regarding your target audience. With time, you can implement new offers or discount codes for regular clients to improve customer retention. 

  • Social Media

It will help if you promote your business on fashion pages and groups on popular online platforms. Social media allows you to reach new clients and interact with them. Furthermore, you can promote client development with the help of influencers. Depending on your marketing budget, offering printed T-shirts to celebrities can be a very efficient advertising method. You will surely make a good impression on the fans who see their favorite influencer wearing one of your designs. 

  • Email Marketing

Another way you could try to promote your store is with the help of email marketing. First, you will want to create a list of your clients’ email addresses. Next, you can send them regular messages regarding new promotions or available designs. However, nobody likes spam, so try to use this method in moderation.

  • Company Website 

Presently, it is mandatory to have a well-made website for any store. A website is the home of your business, the place where customers can purchase and learn more about your products. Fortunately, blank Bella and Canvas T-shirts are ready to print, making it easier for you to use any design you want. Furthermore, with time and effort, you can expand your activity and focus on other garments than T-shirts. Finally, your clothing business can be gratifying if you invest in high-quality designs and proper advertising.

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