How To Start A Snow Cone Business With No Experience

It is normal that how to start a snow cone business requires some research. When starting a new business, the first questions that come to mind are, when will I recover my investment? or at what point do I start making a profit?

We know that the investment is recovered based on several factors, but the main ones are the number of sales, and at what price you sell your ice cream.

In the USA we handle an average return on investment of your ice cream machine for 3 to 4 months selling approximately 80 to 100 ice creams daily, and in order to achieve this, it is very important the location, the concept, and presentation of your ice cream, advertising of your business, among others.

Here are some tips so you can make a profit from the first months of opening:

1. Location

It is important that your business is in an accessible place or where people pass constantly, it can be a main street or avenue, outside a school, inside a shopping center, fixed bazaars, etc.

If you think your location is a bit difficult to find or access, you can help yourself with signs indicating where to go until you reach your premises.

You should also consider that your premises are not next to or very close to a similar business. You will have more possibility of having greater sales being in a place where they do not sell the product you offer, so your business will be new for the people around.

2. Concept

Many times people are looking to buy something different, as they are tired of always receiving the same thing. Therefore, it is important how to start a snow cone business, so then you can offer something that other “similar” businesses do not have. Here are some options:

(a) Present your product in different forms, do not stay alone in the classic glass and cone

There are super creative ways like serving ice cream in a Bubble Waffle, in a Fish Cone, or in a Crepe. Even if you wish you can make amazing decorations by frosting the cone or glass with chocolate and cereal.

(b) Offers flavors that come out of the ordinary

You can offer fun and delicious flavors, such as gum ice cream, banana, matcha or yogurt with activated charcoal, the black color in your ice cream will look amazing.

3. Presentation of your ice cream

Offering a personalized product means that you care about what you prepare and receive for each client, and not only with the toppings they choose, as easy as writing their names on the glass or adding cards with cute phrases, in this way you will get customers to remember you and want to return, by feeling included in your business.

4. Advertising for your Business

Rest assured that you do not need to pay to promote your product or your business. The best advertising is to recommend from person to person, and for this, the treatment you give to your customers is the most important thing. If you care about the people who visit you and the product you offer them, they will leave happy and speaking well of you.

You can also rely on social networks, as they are a great tool for people to get to know you and find out what products you have to offer them. There you can also advertise promotions, and new flavors and even invite people to come to your business to meet you.

Final Words

Remember that with safe stocks, it’s always possible to make a business work, and for the investment, you’re making today to be something big tomorrow.

At Gelice we offer you promotions that include everything you need to start, as well as training and complete advice on how to start a snow cone business successfully. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you all the information you need!