How to start a side business while doing job

The dream of starting own business moves in every mind. You can start your latest business trends while doing a job also. Now, you might think how is it possible to start a business while doing a job? This can make your dream come into reality. Today’s era is shifting to online business blogs so it would be a good choice to build your company while you are still employed.

A dependent and stable income will boost your confidence and make your livelihood a great one. However, it can become hectic to manage both, but with some planning you can be able to go parallelly. Want to know how? You need to follow some Do’s and Don’t to fulfill your interests.

Apart from this there are many best small business blogs which you can start along with your job. Are you ready to know the Do’s and Don’t and some of the best business blogs? If yes, then scroll down and fulfill your dreams.


Consideration of running side business as part time- This is a great method, in which you will find a way to earn reliable income. If you are not satisfied with your salary then start your own business.

Save side income- Do remember to save your income which you have earned from a startup, as if you want to leave your job then this income will be used. Make a budgetary guideline for spending income.

Be open with your employer- If your business is not competitive enough with others, then you can collaborate with them. For this, you have to be open with them and convince them to invest in your startup.


Never use office computers to send emails related to your side business- If you are using computers in the office for sending mails related to your side business, then it can become challenging for you. As the company has the right to read your data, so be careful.

Don’t leave your job when a side business flourishes- It doesn’t mean that new business will flourish if all problems are gone. Just think about that stage when your side business crashes. So, it is not agreed to quit your full day job after your side business flourishes. If your new business crashes then how will you get a source of income? Think about it.

If you are searching for some best entrepreneur blogs while being employed, then you have landed on the right page. Here are some of the best business blogs India which can help you to make your income stable. Are you ready to know about them?

1.Amazon reselling business

Amazon brings the opportunity to people to work as Amazon associates, and gives opportunity to start a side business. You just need to search for products on the site and need to sell them to the customers. You can do this work after your office hours. Product’s shipment is being done by Amazon only.

2.Freelance writer business

Besides providing writing gigs on various platforms like upwork, when you make up your client base it becomes a business which you can do from anywhere. You just need a laptop, internet connection, and strong clients. After building your portfolio and enhancing your pitching style, you can make a way into the writing world.

3.Web development business

Nowadays, web developers are in great demand. Need of skilled web developers are needed who help in integrating new features, upgradation of functions, and many more. When you start building your skills while working with computer languages, you can launch your web development business with your job.

4.Graphic design business

Today, many online freelancing jobs are there, graphic designing is one of them. And now with the help of easy tools like canva, it is easy to upgrade your skills in this field. You can do this as a side business while doing a job. This business is small business ideas in Kerala and a very profitable one.

5.App developer business

Building an app is a very creative art and science. Now, the introduction of easy to use software is launched which needs zero coding, and building and you can sell an app very easily. Various methods are there to monetize your free app. If you have knowledge about this then you can start with this business along with your job.

6.Online course educator business

If you are proficient in some particular subject, then you can create your own online course and can sell it. A huge number of online audiences are there waiting for online courses.

7.Blogger business

Decide in which niche you are interested, then start writing blogs on topics related to your niche. But, you need to create content on a regular basis and the content should be informative. Once you have made your reputation, you can monetize it by ad support, by selling your products, and many more things. This is the best option to start as a side business while doing a job.


Do you want some side earning? So, here are some tips to start a side business along with your job. Various business ideas are present which you can do along with your job. Choose according to your choice and head towards a more stable life. But, remember not to get so engrossed in this hectic schedule that you forget other fun moments like spending time with family, going for vacation, etc.

It is true that money is important, but along with money fun is also important. So, enjoy life with work. Put all your efforts in whichever idea you choose for startup. Give proper timing to both your job and side business. Never leave your job once your side business starts flourishing.