How to Start a Junk Removal Business

Each office or home has waste items such as paper cuttings, peels, automobiles, worn-out furniture, used electronics, etc., that must be sent to the trash. Such junk or waste material is treated individually by the junk removal services. In the past few years, junk removal services have continued to be in high demand.

What Is Junk Removal?

It is any trash removed from your office, home, or business. Different junk removal services are concerned with hauling away all the unwanted items present in your environment, clean surroundings, and disposing of the removed junk.

How To Start A Junk Removal Business

Junk removal businesses offer essential services to construction workers, renters, homeowners, and more. The companies pick and clean out all the junk, from old appliances to garbage and trees. These services are often in high demand because property owners do not have the strength, resources, or time to do them independently.

The junk removal industry might be best for you if you enjoy staying physically active doing things in a little different way every day. Starting a junk removal business is not an easy process – it is all not about simply heading out in your truck. However, you will enjoy the satisfaction of offering services that people need and being your boss while still making excellent profits for your work.

Most junk removal businesses are made up of teams of employees working out of dump or pickup trucks. Here are the steps on how to start a junk removal business.

Write a Business Plan

A business plan is paramount as it helps in increasing the odds of starting a successful business. In addition, banks also require you to have a business plan.

Form a Business Entity

A business entity is an organization formed by individuals to engage in trade or conduct business. There are four primary business entities to choose from – partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or sole proprietorship. Each of the above businesses entities has its pros and cons like costs, administrative requirements, and liability exposure.

Select Your Location

You can start your junk removal business from home. As the business grows and your services begin to be in higher demand, you may rent a garage or commercial property. Rental costs will depend on location, size, and type of company. You can start a business like junk removal san jose which is a good place for a business. there are good busy places to start a junk removal business in any country.

Apply For Business Permits and Licenses

You need to obtain permits and licenses for your junk removal business. Different towns and states have additional business licenses based on the location of the company. Some of the common registrations you may need to include are Occupancy Permit, Employer Identification Number, etc.

Find Financing

After you have come with a good business idea and the necessary skills to run your junk removal business, you need to get funding to start your business. Banks are the most preferred creditors. For you to be guaranteed a loan, you need to have good credit.

Plan for Your Marketing

Every business should include marketing in its budget. You can market your junk removal business in various ways, such as online advertising, social media marketing, direct-mail advertising, and print advertising. You may also explore TV and radio advertising.

Marketing costs will vary depending on volume and the activity.

Get Insurance

Here are the types of insurances that you are required to get for your junk removal business:

• Worksman comp insurance helps cover expenses like legal fees and medical bills whenever an employee is hurt on the job.

• Commercial auto insurance – protects the business from expenses like legal fees and medical bills in a vehicle accident.

• Commercial property insurance – helps cover losses and expenses of equipment damages, fire destruction, or any other type of event.

• General liability insurance – protects your business against expenses that could result if a customer or their property is damaged or hurt due to business work.


Junk removal and management are crucial in keeping your premises clean as well as conserving the environment. To reap big, start a junk removal business of your own!