How to start a food truck with its licensing

Recently, several restaurant chains are opening up and offering a range of popular dishes and regional and international cuisines. In India, the culture of a fast food truck is gaining popularity, especially in the metro cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, places where people do not have time to get into the restaurant and want to grab something on the go. Let us know what FSSAI licensing required to open a food truck in India are.

The reason for the increase in the popularity of the food truck is due to many reasons:

  • The start-up cost is low compared to a restaurant or any other food outlet.
  • It is exciting; as it is a new concept, it attracts customers. If done correctly, it could prove to be a profitable business option.

One needs to have an FSSAI license for a food truck as well as you need permission from local MCD or trade licenses.

FSSAI licenses necessity for setting up food truck business

Many food business operators are going for food trucks, and they are finding some better opportunities to start a business in the food industry with low investment. The food truck business is growing widely at an alarming rate, and the competition in this sector makes it more attractive for the customers to have good food with different delights at such a lower cost.

There are several other things to be considered before starting any food truck business. As a food truck, operations you need to apply for an FSSAI license in Delhi or the state you want to start your food truck only if your annual turnover exceeds 12 Lakhs. You need to apply for separate FSSAI registration or license for every food truck set up as per the turnover conditions.

Essentials for the food truck business

  • Install a kitchen: the food truck must be installed with necessary kitchen equipments and gadgets like a refrigerator, griller, freezer, working table, exhaust, steamers, generators, burners, microwave, and other equipments, which are required for serving and cooking food. 
  • Raw materials: it is the necessity,
  • location: for any business, any fixed location is necessary,
  • Permits and licenses for food trucks: FSSAI import license in India is necessary for any import-export activity. If you are importing any raw material outside India directly, you need to have an import license. For a petty business related to food, one needs to obtain FSSAI registration or license.

Food truck businesses have to abide by some restrictions for commencing the business. Failing to comply with the food safety and standards act, 2006, the food business operator is liable for penalties, and the license is cancelled. Therefore, it is always suggested to have the required legal documentation to ensure that there is no such problem in running the food truck. A business operating license is the first thing and the essential documentation that a business needs to commence the business. The FSSAI issues this license on the category you have applied.