How to Start A Business from Scratch?

If you want to learn to run a business that you just opened? The answer to the question “how to do business?” hardly exists. Rather, it does exist, but it will be either a very superficial answer or in an ambiguous and inapplicable form in different areas of business. 

It is necessary to understand how to do business correctly, really doing your business, based on your experience, and not decide on the basis of some truths and rules. Although strategic definitions and adherence to certain general business principles are, of course, necessary.

Here, we will try to answer the painful question: how to conduct business correctly? Let me explain right away, maybe someone wants to stop reading further: I will write about what I think is right in running my own business in terms of what to pay more attention to and what less, and I will also give some business axioms.

How to run a business?

There are two main points in the management of your business: the first is planning, organization, and control of work, the second is financial management and accounting. They are both defining and completely interdependent. In practice, this means that you cannot do one of them well if you have not paid enough attention to the second.

The location and positioning of the venture are also very important. If you are planning of opening a company in China or any other part of the world, you need to be well versed with the policies and legislations over there. How it looks in real business, we will understand in this section. These are some of the points you need to work on to make it work for you:


Clients (and working with them) Customers are the most important thing in business! Clients, friends, clients! Not employees (although they are very important), not a competitive business organization (although it is difficult without it), and not even your own efficiency (although this is all yours if you are an entrepreneur). And the clients!

Without clients, your business will definitely not be able to resist. Without everything else, it will be hard, but there are chances. Without clients, there is no chance for business. This, of course, is understandable in itself, but, nevertheless, I considered it necessary to emphasize.


You have customers, but if you don’t sell them, then they are not customers, but, for example, acquaintances. Isn’t that right? Therefore, once again referring to the numbers, let’s say this: out of the remaining 50% of the time (you spent 50% with customers), 40% is spent on building sales and distribution channels. Again, it is better not personally (although so far it is not prohibited by law, but by creating conditions and principles for doing business with an emphasis on these two main components.


Customer relationship management is a big and daunting task. And in order to work with clients correctly, you will have to build the entire client path and go through several stages. How and which ones, we analyze in this article.

Managing employees

The work of employees in almost any business has a defining role. Therefore, it is so important to properly organize work in the company. For this you need to: competently organize work and interaction; properly manage and lead people; motivate. It seems to be small and simple, but it is not. Let’s analyze what exactly needs to be done within the framework of each of these tasks.

Taking Risks

The ability to manage risk in business is a very important skill. But not all aspiring entrepreneurs consider risk management a necessary part of business planning. However, this is nothing more than an everyday activity. Therefore, be sure to study what are the most important points in the process of risk management in business.


You need to learn all these points and then go about putting this into your business venture then you will be able to assess your startup better.