How to Spy on an iPhone without them knowing

Are you looking for the highest quality spyware to monitor an iPhone? As the market of spyware apps is vast, it can be overwhelming to find the best one dedicated to iOS devices.

In its pursuit to make things easier, technology has been involved in the competition of innovations, leaving the public in a dilemma. Various apps offer the same features and benefits. Which one is the best? Only after using them can you know the appropriate answer.

This post talks about one such app requiring no introduction – the best best spy app to spy on an iphone  which has earned immense popularity. Once you are familiar with its uses and features, it can be your go-to app for all your iPhone monitoring requirements. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the details.

What You Should Know Before You Spy On An iPhone

No matter how many sales pitches you may have heard, you should only go for your instinct and rely on solid information. The best way to acquire that is to research the subject yourself. 

So, to help you out with the research bit of the monitoring app to use for the target iPhone. Here are a few pointers to consider before you spy on someone’s iPhone.

Is the App Undetectable?

It is important to check the detectability status of the app that you want to use for iPhone monitoring purposes. Most iPhone monitoring apps are designed to be undetectable. The point of monitoring will be lost if the app is detectable.

Does the App Allow Remote Monitoring?

The best advantage while monitoring an iPhone is that all its information is backed up in its iCloud storage. You don’t need to go through any jailbreaking or physically access any phone to track it. This feature allows you to monitor the iPhone remotely without installing the app or physically accessing it.

Is the iPhone Compatible With the Spy App?

Top-quality iPhone spy apps are designed to be compatible with iOS devices easily. You will find them available for download in the App Store and install them without testing and bars.

Does the App Need to Jailbreak?

The advantage of iCloud in iOS devices is that the apps won’t require any jailbreaking to monitor the iPhone you want to track.

Working on the Nova Spy App

With all the chaos created for the Nova spyware in the market for iPhone monitoring, it can be intimidating to note the details of the best. But the Nova spy app makes things easier for you with its features.

All you require to get started with the app is to register yourself on their official website. On the website, choose the subscription plan according to your affordability and requirements. This would send a verification mail to you with the rest of the app directions. 

Once you are done, you need to enter the ID of the target iOS device you want to monitor.

The best advantage of using the Nova spy App is that it works in Stealth Mode throughout, keeping your files well hidden. Moreover, since the iPhone has the unique ability of iCloud Storage, you would not require physical access to the phone to set up the app either. All you would need is their iCloud credentials.

Once it is set and you have the credentials, visit nova spy app website on your phone and visit the dashboard. An app wizard will guide you through it. 

You will receive all the information on your dashboard – starting from text messages, call recordings, social media activities, gallery of photos and videos, etc.

This way, you will be all set with receiving all the information from the target device remotely.

Why Use the Nova Spy App to spy on an iPhone without them knowing

The Nova Spy App brings you all the benefits you would require to monitor an iPhone. Here’s why you can trust the app:

No Jailbreak

The app requires no jailbreak – more so if you are using it to monitor an iPhone, thanks to the Cloud system of the iOS devices.

Compatible with Rooted and Unrooted Devices

Whether your device is Android or iOS, rooted or unrooted, the Nova app makes no consideration and works alike for all of them.

Tracks the GPS

With the app, you can track the location of the target devices remotely, and the target device owner won’t even realize it.

Remote Spying

The app allows remote hacking. This means you can access all the activities, galleries, texts, call recordings, and social media handles without physically accessing the device.

Stealth Mode

The app works in the Stealth Mode throughout the time. The target device won’t show any tracking record to the owner, and the app remains hidden. You can hire a third party private investigator to monitor an iPhone.


The reasons to spy on an iPhone without them knowing can be personal or professional. Either way, you can use the Nova spy app.

It is legal and compatible with the iPhone and performs excellently. Download and try it for yourself!

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