How to Spot an SEO Agency That Will Drive Traffic to Your Business

Anyone with experience trying to navigate the world of search engine optimization within business will tell you that it is an incredibly demanding and detail-oriented endeavor. Without any experience, it could be one of the most confusing areas of business a person has come across. All this being said, SEO has become a near requirement for any company attempting to create awareness of their online presence. The internet is much more vast than one can put into words. If there is not a dedicated effort towards making others aware of a company, getting buried at the bottom of the business ocean is a scenario in play. On top of this, a successful SEO effort can bring in the people most likely to spend money. Adam Audette, the senior vice president and SEO business leader at BLEND360 summed this up, “Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”

In many cases, it may be best to bring in an SEO expert to provide solutions in this area. But, how do you spot an SEO agency that will drive traffic to your business? We connected with a few business experts to understand their answers to this question.


Rob Bartlett is the CEO of WTFast, a brand offering a smooth gaming experience. He believes that agencies or employees with a long track record of exposure to SEO are worth pursuing.

“Our business society has always been influenced and dominated by people who have extensive experience in their industry. Think about all those companies who added their founding date to their logo to demonstrate how long they’ve been present. But, they’ve been present because they’ve demonstrated an ability to navigate and profit within their industry. Nowadays, we can view SEO metrics and visit LinkedIn pages to get a deeper understanding of just how much experience a person or company has with SEO. These are the people you should attempt to work with. They have experience for a reason.”

Avoid ethical issues

Mob Hookah specializes in hookahs and hookah accessories. Their CEO, Mehdi Marrakchi, suggests gaining a full understanding of the processes a prospective company uses so as to steer clear of any problematic approaches.

“Like with anything, there’s an ethical way to go about things with SEO and an unethical way of doing so. Some companies are more than happy to cut corners in order to achieve as many clicks or search results as possible. When you strictly view the numbers companies using these methods are producing, it might seem enticing to have them handle your web traffic. However, there are numerous examples of Google black listing sites from search results so this could be the quickest business killer you’ve ever witnessed.”

How do they discuss SEO?

One of the most effective ways to know if someone understands what they are talking about is to simply listen. QuaGrowth is a business providing email marketing agency. Their CEO, Jason Boehle, considers this approach sensible.

“While SEO may be complex in some ways, it is not rocket science or brain surgery. If you’re looking for someone to take over your SEO operations then you should pay close attention to how they discuss the topic. Seeing as it does involve some complexity, it takes some effort and work to gain real and applicable insight. The people who have taken the time to understand SEO should also be able to discuss concepts and processes at ease. If they can’t, they may not be as well versed in it as they say they are.”

They are informative

Jorge Vivar is the Creative Director of mode, a brand offering natural CBD relief. He advises others to be in search of SEO agencies that offer as much relevant data as possible.

“Statistics, provided they are true and accurate, can be one of the most impactful items to consider when deciding which SEO company to go with. The company that has piles and piles of information and numbers has one of the best grasps on the industry and how to operate within it. They see all the trends of the audience as well as the other people posting content. The company that relies on dependable numbers rather than taking shots in the dark is the one that will drive traffic to your business.”

Public opinion

Insured Nomads specializes in travel insurance. Their COO, Brett Estep, believes that companies should look to those who have first-hand experience with an agency in order to get an accurate image.

“You can’t know everything that a process entails and demands until you do it for yourself. While you can’t trial run an SEO agency at no cost, you can find the next best thing: public opinion. Whichever agency you’re considering has had customers before you. Some may have left reviews but it is also possible to track a few of these companies down. Either way, the goal here is to find out what a company’s experience was like with the SEO agency you’re looking at. Their experiences, positive or negative, could be the deciding factor for you.”

Previous results

A company is either in the black or in the red. There is no inbetween. is a business providing marketing consulting. It’s Founder, Kevin Miller, proposes accounting for this when evaluating an SEO organization.

“If a company has yet to produce any level of visible success, they’re far less likely to produce it down the line. They’ve either been profitable or successful or not. Never overlook this aspect when reviewing companies for your SEO needs. It’s easy to see whether a company has been successful. From awards to case studies and even data provided by the company itself, all are examples of positive previous results. Obviously, asking for private financial data is a big no-no but if a company is unwilling to show you their past work it should absolutely give you pause.”

Avoid the numbers game

Michael Van is the CEO of Furnishr, a business offering easy home or office furnishing. He cautions others to refrain from utilizing the services of an agency which holds a broad approach.

“You can hop online right now and find hundreds of lists which show ‘the best SEO agencies.’ But, think about it logically, if a company specializes in creating attention online, wouldn’t they do that for themselves? Of course. These types of companies are simply trying to put up numbers, not solve problems. They’ll also be the first to show you that not all traffic is valuable. Just because a company can get people to click on something does not mean they can contribute to your bottom line. Find the company which suits your needs, not one just looking for another client.”

Are they industry certified?

6 Ice specializes in high-quality, everyday jewelry pieces. Their Founder and Designer, Jordan Duran, considers it important to ascertain whether the agency has received certifications from some of the biggest SEO hosts.

“SEO has reached the point where Google and Facebook actually offer training and certifications. Those are huge names and should really show you what kind of game the SEO industry is. Not only are they leading the tech industry, they also have some of the largest online user bases. Within their training, people gain an in-depth understanding of how SEO works generally and effective methods to implement it. They’re also given information related to the specific platforms themselves which should allow the partners to perform better within those platforms. Overall, an industry certified SEO agency is one worth having in your back pocket.”

As seen above, there are numerous elements to analyze when looking for an SEO agency that will drive traffic to your business. However, high-quality work in this area is incredibly valuable and the necessity of it cannot be overstated. Jill Whalen, the former CEO of High Rankings, put it best, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”