How to spend the summertime in pandemic and stay active

No, this is not another post about doing some classic yoga and pilates exercises at home, or in the nearby park. Nor it is about running, which some find extra challenging and the best way to get into shape. During the summertime, when the temperatures are pretty high, working out and feeling the breeze in your face can only be achieved to one activity, and that is cycling. If you are bored of the classic bicycle and you are looking for something new and more efficient, then the fat tire moped-style e-bike is the best solution for this summer.

The market today offers an abundance of different bike-style vehicles, that come in different designs and with different properties. Lately, the fat tire e-bike in the summer is one of the most demanded and required choices if you feel that you need a change of scenery. There is nothing wrong with the regular bike, however, if you are looking for a bit different cycling activity, riding heavy-duty electric bikes is a great way to explore the city, stay active, and get from one place to another.

Especially the fat tire e-bikes are the ones that currently stand out and are highly popular. And here is why.

When it comes to cycling, size plays a great role. More precisely, the size of the tires affects the ride a lot. The fat tires are usually about 4 inches wide and often shorter than the other bike tires. Wider tires mean and allow a larger contact surface between the tires and the ground while riding. You might wonder what this means for your riding in particular?

First and foremost, it means that you will be able to ride on more terrain. The fat tire bike will get you places that you usually cannot go or reach with the regular bicycle. They are great for riding on sand or snow, in ways that normal tires would not manage. They are also great for wet and dry surfaces because they offer fewer chances of slipping. Additionally, you can even go through the mud with these tires without sinking. The fat tire provides more grip for the rider and is the safer option among e-bikes because of it.

The fat tire e-bike is an excellent choice for all those who are looking to stay active through the summertime. It is both a mountain bike and a city bike. The fat tires are perfectly designed to cater to different surfaces, and during the summer, this is the right bike that will get you around, safely and securely.

One great choice is the Moped-style Electric Bike. It does look like a moped, but it holds all the properties and characteristics of an e-bike. The sleek design makes it the perfect choice for a city bike, and for those looking for some adventure, it is a bike that will get you to the highest points.

  • Where can you go with fat tires e-bike?

Staying active during the summer means exploring new places and getting to the most comfortably. While a ride through the city can be a relaxing and regular daily routine, there are some interesting places that you can go and visit with your fat tires e-bikes.

– Ride along the river bank/ shore – this is one of the most common choices people make in other to get recreational and change their daily riding routine. Being near the water gives a completely different feeling from riding a bike. Also, the surfaces and the conditions are not the same everywhere, which will allow you to test the fat tire e-bike properties.

– Up the highway – sometimes we want to get away from the traffic, but sometimes getting somewhere means that you must go into the chaos. Well, the fat tire e-bike will make the ride more enjoyable and comfortable, and you will be among the rare ones that do not pollute the air.

– Mountain biking – for the Adrenalin seekers, mountain biking is one of the most common exercises during summer. Being in the open, breathing that fresh air is truly something that will bring a difference. The fat tire e-bike will make the climbing easier, yet still, keep you physically engaged.

Although most cities, in general, have paid special attention to the bike riders, some are more bike-friendly than others. This means that they have special lines that do not interfere with the traffic in any way, are safe and secure for the cyclists and the pedestrians too, and connect the ends to the city in the best possible and fastest way.

These are the top 10 best cities in the US for riding your e-bike during the summer:

1. New York

2. Minneapolis

3. Denver

4. San Francisco

5. Boston

6. Chicago

7. Washington

8. Philadelphia

9. Seattle

10. Miami

This is the list of the topmost bike-friendly cities in the US that have a lot to offer. Instead of riding the subway, choose to explore each of these beautiful cities with your e-bike. You will get to the place much faster, and summertime is absolutely the season to make such excursions. You will stay active, you will practice social distancing, and still, make a change of scenery and truly respect the benefits that the e-bike holds. To sum up, enjoying summertime can be easy and interesting if you know how to make the most out of it. And now is the best time to stock up on your new e-bike. It will definitely become your number one driving vehicle that will get you everywhere. You will stay in shape, be out in the open, commute from one place to another and practice social distancing at its best. Explore the hidden corners of your city that you never knew existed and be a tourist in your own town. All of that while preserving the air, nature and not polluting the air.


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