How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 2020

Nowadays many businesses want to go for WordPress website development as WordPress CMS offers amazing benefits for businesses if they choose it to build their website. But it is important to hire expert WordPress developers only as they know all the tricks to build a high-performance WordPress website which has potential to win at all fronts. The business or website owners should also have one essential skill which is how to speed up their WordPress website.

When you speak to a WordPress Consultant then he can better tell you how much important is fast loading of the website. This is because the page loading speed effects everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversion, to user satisfaction and even profits generated by the website. That’s why we are discussing in this article about how to speed up a WordPress site. We will talk about the best techniques to make your site as fast as possible. These tips will definitely help the WordPress website owners and they will be able to implement these suggestions easily. Let’s move ahead from the time of slow-loading WordPress sites. Let’s start.

First let’s discuss about why Website Speed matters so much. For that you have to look at the following statistics.
– 47% of consumers expect a web page to load within two seconds or even less.
– 40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
– 79% of shoppers who are not satisfied with a website’s performance don’t return back to the site.
– 1 second delay reduces conversion by 7%, page views by 11% and customer satisfaction by 16%.

Let’s take some examples.
– Mozilla made its pages 2.2 seconds faster and their Firefox browser saw 60 million additional downloads per year.
– Amazon calculated that a 1 second slowdown of their page loading speed would cost them $1.6 billion in annual sales.

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That means when it comes to visitor retention and conversion, every second counts. Also speed is a ranking factor for most of the search engines now like Google, Bing and Yahoo. A slow-loading site increases your bounce rate. Google has also said that for their mobile index, page loading speed is a ranking factor now. That means that your site’s speed effects SEO, so if your site is slow, you are now losing visitors and potential customers from reduced rankings in search engines. When a person lands on your site for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture his attention and to convince him to spend more time on the site.

Let’s now discuss ways to speed up your WordPress website.

Select a Light and Fast WordPress Theme:

Many WordPress website owners go for WordPress Theme Customization to make their theme highly efficient and fast. You should also select and use the light and fast WordPress theme. For example, Twenty Fifteen theme which is the default WordPress theme is very lightweight and quite speedy too. They keep the things simple. Don’t choose a theme which has tons of features that you will never use as they can slow down your website a lot.

Select a Good Hosting Service:

Many WordPress website owners choose the shared hosting with unlimited page views as they can get it at low price. But their drawback is that the websites hosted on these hosts have incredibly slow speed and they face frequent down time during high traffic periods. If you want to make your website popular then you are lowring the chances if you run your WordPress site on shared hosting. Therefore, you should go for best and fast hosting services only.
We recommend you to go for Bluehost Hosting as it has been recommended even by the WordPress’s Parent Company since 2005. Sites hosted at Bluehost are very fast and they never face downtime even when there is high traffic. They also provide 24*7 WordPress customer support.

Use an effective caching plugin:

Some of the WordPress plugins are very useful especially the one which are in the caching category. They drastically improve page loads time and good thing is that they all are freely available at For example you can use W3 Total Cache plugin as it has all the important features which you need. It is also very easy to install and use. Just you have to install it and activate it and it starts working.

Look for Inactive Plugins or for Plugins that Don’t Work Properly:

Another way to speed up WordPress site is by checking whether your current plugins are working properly or not. All of the WordPress website owners use various plugins and tools for different kind of tasks. But these plugins can sometime cause slowness in your website making it slow to load. To do the tests, you can use a plugin called Query Monitor. This plugin is free to install and use. Once you install it, it will report any performance problems with your website. If it finds plugins that slow down your website, then you can remove them or try to find their alternatives. Also if you keep a large number of plugins active even if you don’t need all of them then also your WordPress website speed will be affected. Hence either deactivate them or better uninstall them.

Compress Media Files:

If you will upload very large images and videos on your WordPress site, then they can significantly slow down your WordPress website. Hence to avoid this and to speed up your WordPress site you have to compress your media files first. There are many plugins to compress media files. For example you can use a free plugin called Imagify Image Optimizer for WordPress which can Speed up your website with lighter images without losing quality. Imagify is the most advanced image compression tool and you can use this directly in WordPress. You can also try another plugin WP Compress which is one of the best image optimization plugin to do this. Always remember smaller files will allow your pages to load better.

Optimize Your WordPress website’s Database:

You can use a WordPress database optimization plugin to get your website’s database in order. WP-Sweep is a powerful WordPress plugin that performs multiple functions to clean the database. WP Sweep removes the redundant post revisions, comments (spam and unapproved), any form of orphaned and duplicated metadata (user, comment and post) and unused terms for your WordPress database. There are many other WordPress database optimization plugins like WP-DB Manager and WP Optimize but WP Sweep is the best of them all. WP Sweep can perform WordPress delete commands on data so that there is no orphaned data left behind. If you want to spring clean your WordPress then you should delete unused terms, images, themes, plugins, fix broken links and keep your site’s database in best shape. As WordPress is a database driven system hence your database health plays an important role in your site’s performance.

Put The CSS On Top & JavaScript at The Bottom:

CSS references should go on the top of the website while running. Generally, browsers do not load content prior to loading CSS otherwise, you will end up with unstylized content. So CSS should be on the top to avoid this problem. If you don’t do so then your site will fail to load properly. Means a part of your website will show up without any styling and if your CSS is at the end then the browser has to redraw all of your website’s elements. This will take long time than if you had put CSS as part of the header. We keep JavaScript at the last because it prevents parallel loading in a browser. This means that it is the only thing that loads. Hence to make sure that all content load progressively we need to put the scripts at the end. You can use Autoptimize Plugin or WPRocket Plugin to accomplish these things.


If you are planning for WordPress website development, then you should plan ahead about how to improve its loading speed as this will bring so many incredible benefits. But you should not allow it to neglect other various aspects of your user experience, business goals and client’s needs. You should evaluate and analyze whether optimizing your website for speed is highly necessary and that it does not compromise your business objectives. In this article, we have told you many ways by which you can cut your WordPress website’s loading time tremendously. But still you should implement these ways only after a proper assessment of your WordPress website. If you still face any issue, then you should take help from a reputed and experienced WordPress web development company.


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