How to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Internet on your Mac not performing the way you fancy? Check this Guide!

Having a super-fast internet connection is essential if you want to download files, stream videos, play games, or even work online. The Internet is your Mac’s window to the outside world. But what can you do to guarantee the quickest and flawless experience when it seems like your Internet is running at a snail’s pace? Probably, run the Best Mac Cleaner! Just in case you don’t have a subscription to the one and not looking to spend a penny anytime soon, we have got your back.

Now and then, even a well-working internet connection could require some tweaking and optimization to perform to its fullest. So, if you have not examined the performance of your Mac for a long time now and facing a slow internet issue, having a roundup of the tricks given below could be a savior. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

9 Tips to Speed up Internet Connection on Mac

Rely on Cable Connections

If you are using Wi-Fi to get internet access on your MAC then ditch this way. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi source is not efficient in giving seamless internet. In such a situation, having a wired connection may work wonders. Thus, connect your MAC to the router using a cable and check if there is a boost in the internet speed.

Move Your Router

There is a chance that you have placed your WiFi router too far from your MAC. If that is the case, you will keep facing slow internet issues. To get the problem fixed, bring your MAC closer to the router and make sure there are no WiFi-interference objects placed nearby.

Contact Your ISP

The issue of slow internet connectivity could be from the end of your Internet Service Provider. So, before trying anything else, check with your ISP and ensure everything is going smoothly from that side. You can also run a speed test on your Mac to find whether the internet speed promised by your ISP is delivered or not.

Close Unnecessary Tabs

Another reason that can downgrade the internet performance on your Mac is the use of dozens of unnecessary tabs in your browser. FYI, these tabs are unknowingly eating up your valuable bandwidth, impacting overall internet speed. If you spend money on one of the Best Mac Cleaner for boosting internet speed, then also you will be asked to close the tabs which are not in use. So, why not do it now?

Switch to Safari

Safari is the best web browser to be used on Mac systems. If you are currently making use of a different web browser, then make no more delay and switch to Safari. Also, ensure that an updated version of Safari is downloaded to your system. For getting the best performance, consider deleting browser cache and cookies at least fortnightly or once a month.

Check for Malware or Adware

While MACs can hardly be found getting a victim of issues like adware and malware, just in case your machine got infected from something downloaded from the internet, it is better to run an antivirus application on it.

Reset and Reinstall Your Router

You may not get high-speed internet on your Mac due to the partial or wrong installation of the router. If so, reset your router to the default settings and configure it again. Make sure you keep your router within the range of your Mac and connect both devices using an Ethernet cable.

Change Wi-Fi Security Settings

If you believe that someone is leeching your Wi-Fi, then it’s high time to change the Wi-Fi security settings of your router. Although you can choose between various options, WPA2 could be the best one offering optimum security.

Apart from that, you can also change the password of your WiFi router to keep internet access secure. Make sure you choose a hard-to-crack yet simple-to-remember password.

Bonus! You can also create a guest account on your router, just in case being asked to share the WiFi password.

Clean Up Your Mac

If you have tried all the hacks given above and are still not getting the desired internet speed, consider cleaning up your MAC with the use of the best MAC cleaner available in the market. Doing so might speed up your internet as well as the Mac. Bear in mind, there are many MAC cleaners claiming to give the optimum results. So, choose your tool wisely!

Wrapping Up

A slow internet connection can drastically hit the performance of your MAC. But, getting the issue fixed is not a hard nut to crack. With the implementation of the tricks given above, you can make your Mac machine up and running with high-speed internet in a matter of minutes. However, just let us know which trick has worked in your case. Your feedback is awaited.


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