How to solve your HP Printer Error 494c02

HP is a famous hardware manufacturing company best known for manufacturing desktop PCs, laptops, and printers. HP also manufactures various other peripheral devices like speakers, headphones, etc. HP offers simple DMP to multifunctional printer devices. People often prefer HP over other companies because HP products are very budget-friendly. HP printers provide good speed and print quality. But few people reported that they are facing error 49.4c02 while taking the printout. 

Troubleshooting HP printer error 49.4c02:

Check whether the connection is correctly configured or not

If you are using the wired connection then check the USB cable. The error can appear when the user has connected the printer and PC with a loose or faulty cable. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it tightly. Try connecting another device like your phone with a USB cable. If you are unable to connect any device with the cable that means you are using a fault cable. Purchase a high-speed USB cable and then try to take printouts with an HP printer.

For wireless printers, you need to check the router or the Bluetooth. If you are taking printouts from the phone then make sure you have enabled the Bluetooth on both the devices. For network printing, check the WPS pin on the router. Restart the WPS pin and then try to make the connection. 

Clean the print queue

Error 49.4c02 can appear due to the pending jobs on your HP device. If lots of jobs are pending then the memory gets filled and the printer starts showing the error. You need to remove all the pending print jobs. Here are the steps for canceling print jobs in HP printer:

  1. Go to the control panel on your printer
  2. Hit the Cancel button
  3. Hit the Stop button if you see the print job
  4. Click on your PC’s taskbar
  5. Click on the print icon
  6. Choose the cancel option

If you are unable to delete the pending print jobs then navigate to Devices and printers on your PC. Right-click on your HP printer and check the print job. Hit the Cancel button on the job you want to delete. Select all the print jobs and cancel them. Now restart your printer and check for the HP error. If you are still getting HP Printer Offline then ask the technical team for help.

Check for paper jamming

If you are using an old HP printer model then the error can appear due to a paper jam. The printer gets jammed due to paper chunks and dust. You need to remove the junk from the PC for troubleshooting the error. Open the access door of your HP printer and remove the cartridge carefully. Take out all the paper chinks from the printer. Take a dry cloth and clean the dust from your printer. Reinstall the cartridge on the HP printer. Close the access door and give the print command. 

Check the printhead and fuser

Damaged fuser can also lead to HP printer 49.4c02 error. If the fuser of your printer gets damaged then replace it immediately. The fuser breaks out due to an instant voltage change or due to a short circuit. Check the fuser of your HP printer for the error. Another thing you need to check is the printhead. If you don’t clean the printhead often then it gets clogged. You need to clean the printhead of your HP printer regularly. You can clean the printhead manually with a dry cloth. But you need to clean it carefully as it can break easily. You can also use the HP utility tool for cleaning the printhead. Here are the steps for cleaning the printhead of the HP printer:

  1. Go to the control panel of the HP printer
  2. Press the power button of your printer
  3. Hit the Cancel button twice
  4. Press the Resume button

Now release the power button and the printhead of your HP printer gets cleaned. You can also clean the printhead from HP Solution Center:

  1. Go to All Programs and click on HP
  2. Select HP Solution Center
  3. Hit the Settings option
  4. Tap the Printer Toolbox option
  5. Choose the Device Services tab and hit the Clean Printheads option

Now follow the on-screen commands for cleaning the printhead of your printer. Repeat the same steps about 3-4 times for proper cleaning. Now restart your HP printer and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Check the HP printer driver

If the driver gets outdated or corrupted then you need to restore it immediately. Go to the HP website and install the latest update for your printer driver. Repairing the printer driver manually is not easy. Instead of editing the files, try reinstalling the printer driver. Install the latest version of your printer driver and then try to take the printouts.

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