How to solve Error Code 0xc00000e9 in Windows 8 or 10

0xc00000e9 is a common Windows error which mostly appears due to the failed hard drive. But there are various other reasons like registry files, malware etc which can get you into this kind of Windows error. When your device gets into error 0x80070015, it starts running slow and gives you regular freezes and crashes. You can get this error while opening or shutting down the computer. Whenever you get into 0xc00000e9 error, you should immediately check for the solutions.

Update your device drivers

If you are getting the error whenever you open your device then check your device drivers immediately. Outdated device drivers can be a potent reason behind the error. You need to update your device driver regularly for reliable operation. You can find the driver update on its official website. You need to find the exact driver which is causing the error. You can follow the given steps for updating your device drivers:

  1. Open your Windows device
  2. Press Windows and the X button
  3. Select Computer management
  4. Click on Device Manager
  5. Tap the Disk Drives option
  6. Now search for the driver which is causing the error
  7. Click on the outdated driver
  8. Go to the Properties option
  9. Note down the driver version

Now go to the website and search for the driver update. Make sure you are installing the correct driver update. identifying the corrupt driver is not easy and even if you find the driver, repairing it manually is not a simple job. Instead of fixing the driver manually, try the driver update tool. You can find the driver update tool for your PC on the internet easily. Download and install the tool on your device. Run the driver update tool and it will start searching for all the outdated or corrupted device drivers. Follow the on-screen instruction and it will restore all the corrupted files easily. 

Perform a malware scan

Malware like Trojan Horses etc can also corrupt the driver file. You need to remove all the malware from your device to prevent Windows errors. Finding malware on the PC is not easy. You need good anti-malware for keeping your device secure and safe. On Windows 10, you can use the Windows defender for detecting and removing the malware from your computer. If you have a personal antivirus then you can also use it for removing the malware. Make sure your antivirus is capable of detecting and removing all types of malware from the device. Open the dashboard of your antivirus and tap the system scan button. Wait for the scanning process to complete. Now restart your device and check whether your Windows error gets resolved or not.

Try running Disk Scan

Sometimes the disk error can also cause the Windows error. You can easily restore the corrupted files by using the check disk utility scan. This utility tool will fix the bad sectors of your hard drive. You can use the check disk tool by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open your PC and go to the Command Prompt
  2. A permission screen may appear
  3. Enter your admin credentials

Now type chkdsk/f/r and the drive. The tool will start scanning the device. Wait until the scanning process completes. Now restart your device and check for the error. 

Run the System File Checker Tool

Windows provides an inbuilt tool which can search and restore all the corrupted Windows files. These files get corrupted due to the runtime error or when you make any changes on the PC. Follow the given steps for running the system file checker tool:

  1. Open the Windows PC
  2. Type cmd on the search bar
  3. Windows command screen will appear
  4. Type sfc/scannow on the command screen
  5. Press the Enter button

The sfc tool will start scanning the file. You need to wait until the tool scans and fixes all the corrupted files of Windows. Once complete, restart your device and now you can use the device easily.

Remove the malicious programs

People often download third-party programs on their devices. Some third-party programs can be malicious. Programs like online games, editing software are potent for caring for malware. You should always install the software from the original website. Whenever you get the error, you should immediately check for the third-party programs. Go to the Apps folder of your device and check the programs. Click on the third-party program and choose the uninstall button. Restart your device for applying the changes and check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Remove the junk

System junk can also interrupt your files. You must remove junk like temporary files, cookies, and caches from the devices regularly. You can use the Windows clean manager tool for removing all the junk files of the computer. After cleaning the junk, restart your device and check for your Windows error.