How to Solve blinking blue light Malfunction on the PS4

After eight years of development and the introduction of a new console, many of the most frequent PS4 issues are still found in this. Some of the most threatening issues, such as the notorious “Blue Line blinking” can only be applied to the initial manufacturing releases of PS4. 

Small issues like discs that are that automatically ejected without touching any button can be present regardless of how old your system is. From the largest to the small, we’ll take you through the steps to fix the most frequent PS4 issues. Most of the people facing the problem of WS-37504-9 Error in Ps4. If you are one of those then visit Fixed: WS-37504-9 Error for the best solution.

Three distinct PS4 models include the regular PS4 as well as the PS4 Slim as well as PS4 Pro. Sony simply calls the “Slim” model of the PS4, making it harder to tell the difference between them.

You can tell the difference between the variants of PS4. If you’re struggling to figure out the PS4 console you own take a look at the edges. The PS4 has sharp edges and the new “Slim” console has rounded edges. Be sure to determine the model before starting.

Also, turn off completely your PS4 Don’t turn it on in rest mode. Then switch it back on to determine if this resolves your issues. A complete power-off could be a game-changer. If not, keep reading.

Malfunction: Blinking blue indicator light

Eight years later, the “Blue Line of Death means blue light blinking” is still the most threatening of all issues that afflict the PS4. In a similar vein to Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s “Red Ring of Death,” the blue line’s pulsing is a sign of a technical issue that could indicate that your console is no longer functioning. In contrast to the red ring Blue Line of Death doesn’t necessarily mean you’re PS4 will be dead. However, it serves similar things to the ring does: letting you know that there’s an important issue that an initial reset of the PS4 could not fix.

After booting the PS4 the LED indicator light that is adorning the console’s side will quickly flash to blue, before changing to white. For consoles with β€œthe “Blue Line of Death” however the blue light appears to flash continuously, signaling an insufficient video output, before turning off. In this scenario, the console doesn’t send an indication to the TV which is essentially bricking the console and stopping normal operation. Although the issue was more prevalent at launch it has recurred for a tiny percentage of customers which is likely to become an issue for consoles produced between late 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

Possible solutions

As Sony has explained in its troubleshooting manual, the blinking blue light may be a sign of various software or hardware problems. However, there are many possible options you can explore. If you manage to identify the problem in PS4 hardware, you can try identifying the issue. PS4 hardware, you can contact PlayStation customer support or bring your console to a Sony Retail store since they often offer repair or exchange services on the spot. If no store is in your area, then you’ll need to ship your console over to Sony. In this case, your console might not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If that’s the case, bear your eyes on the fact that you might be required to pay for a repair cost.

Update the firmware of your TV: Some people have noticed that updating the television’s firmware has fixed the issue of audio-video signals. If you own a newer TV, specifically one with internet connectivity, consult the instruction manual for your television and then update the firmware. The process could change HDMI settings and may fix the device’s compatibility.

Verify the HDMI ports Check your HDMI port on your TV as well as your PS4 as well as the HDMI cable, to determine if there are any obvious anomalies or damage. If you can, test other HDMI cables.

Verify the power source by pressing the power button on the back of your PS4 for a minimum of seven seconds or until the system chirps twice and shuts off. Then remove your AC cable from an outlet and inspect for any damage or anomalies. AC In the connector as well as the power cord to determine if there is obvious damage or abnormalities.

Check the HDD Make sure that your PS4 is off. Then disconnect your AC power cable as well as other cables that are connected before moving out the HDD bay cover to the side. After removal, check the drive for any damages and ensure that it is in the correct position within the HDD bay.

Reset your controller: Ensure that all the components are connected correctly. Click and hold down the PS button on your controller until the light of the system is turned orange. Press while holding the PS button until the light changes to white. This method has been tested and it has helped us enable the PS4 to boot up properly.


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