How to Slice a JPG to PSD?

Do you want to know how to slice a JPG to PSD? Image slicing enables you to load large image in pieces on web page. When you are working on a web page there will be time when you have to upload a large image on your web page as main page image or as background and this is time when you will face a lot of problems like:

  • First the actual file size
  • The image resolution
  • Compression of image.

If the file size is large it will take lot of time to upload especially if you have slow internet connection. You can reduce file size by compressing it but there will be time when you will start losing the actual quality of image. The only solution of how to slice a JPG to PSD is Image slicing which allow you to upload the image, a piece at a time, until the entire image will appear on the screen.

How image slicing works?

When you have an image and it takes too much time to load on its own, you should use the slicing tool available in photoshop to cut the image in slices. These images will be saved in a separate file from where you can use them to upload on web addition photoshop creates the HTML or CSS necessary to display the sliced image.

When you are using them in a web page each image will be reassembled in the browser using the HTML or CSS to create a smooth result.

Slicing basics

In order to keep things simple, you will only work on single layer at a time. Something you should consider in how to slice a JPG to PSD is:

  • When creating slices, you can do slicing using the slicing tool or you can built them using layers.
  • Slicing can be select from slicing tool
  • You can name the slice, type and ULR you can also resize, move and align it.
  • Each slice can be optimizing using the setting option in the save for web page box.
  • When you create slice, you can select from three options like normal, fixed size or fixed aspect ratio.


This will become a slice on the image where you start and end draw on the image.

Fixed aspect ratio

This is where you set a height and width using whole numbers like if you want to create a slice with three to one ratio you would enter 3 for height and 1 for width.

Fixed size

This is where you will set the height and width with pixels.You have multiple option while slicing the image if accuracy is notnecessary cut it manually but you want accurate slicing use these tools.

Editing slice information

After creating slices, you can edit the information about the slice in one or two ways.

The first you will click on the slice select tool and click on slice which you want to edit and then click on the icon beside show auto slice button in the menu bar. And the other option is right click on the image and select edit slice option. Each option will bring the dialogue box where you can edit information as per you need.

Save for web

One you are satisfied with the sliced image go to save option chose the format in which you want to save the file. Here you can also compress the file and chose resize and resolution of the sliced image if necessary and save the image.


As mentioned above image slicing is useful if you have a large image by breaking it into slices you can load the images in portions with ease. This process of how to slice a JPG to PSD is useful for the user having slow internet connection.