How to sign a word document electronically

The ability to electronically sign a word document is a key security feature in Microsoft Office. Anyone who opens a document that has been electronically signed can choose to ignore the signature or view the signature details. There is no difference between a electronic signature and a handwritten signature. Both provide the same level of security and the recipient of the signed document cannot determine whether it’s a electronic or written signature.

Why is it important to use electronic signatures?

While electronic signatures are offered by Microsoft Word, they aren’t standard within the software suite. Microsoft has designed its signature functionality as an extra, optional feature that users can enable or disable. If you’ve gone out of your way to enable electronic signatures but you then decide that you want to revert back to handwritten signatures, you don’t have to do so within Word or any other Microsoft product.However, it’s good practice to not use electronic signatures unless you’re sure that it’s a safe and secure option. This way, if you later decide you don’t want to use electronic signatures, you’ll be able to revert back to handwriting.

What are the differences between electronic and handwritten signatures?

It’s really important to understand the difference between an electronic signature and a handwritten signature. You can draw an electronic signature on a Word document, a Microsoft Excel document, a PowerPoint presentation, or other word processing software (not an email). You can sign a Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail message, a form attached to an email, or even a voice message.An electronic signature makes a document that contains both an electronic and handwritten signature. The person who signs the document on your behalf can choose to ignore the electronic signature or view the handwriting on the paper document. It’s the same type of signature as a hand-written signature but with a digital component.

A few tips on using the Microsoft Office electronic signature feature.

Visit on

Click on “Sign” in the lower left of your screen to bring up the menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the “Sign” menu and select “Signature” or “Signature Reminder” to set up the link.

Scroll to the top of the menu, and then click “Signature” again to turn on the link.

Click on “Share” in the upper right of the menu to add the link to your online email signature, or copy and paste the link into an email.

Browse to the website of the company where you’d like to sign.

Click on the “Sign” button for that company.

Click on “Click here” at the bottom of the screen to activate the link.

Click on the “Sign” button on your printer and the document you’ve signed will print out.

If you’re trying to use the electronic signature feature to sign a contract, you can’t print the signed document.