How to Ship Your Car: The Ultimate Guide

Owning a new house or building a new office gives a sense of fulfillment. However, that rewarding feeling comes with the duty of shifting the entire setup and belongings to a different place that may be hundreds of miles away.

Packing and moving can appear to many as a mammoth task. The process can consume much of your valuable time and derail your schedule.

When it comes to relocating your car, it can sometimes become a dexterous job to do.

There can be multiple reasons when you need to relocate your vehicle. You may have bought a new house and want to shift your vehicle from the old house to the new one. In another case, you want to gift a new car for someone. In either case, you’ve to make sure that the relocation takes place without jerks and bringing any damage to your vehicle.

Hiring a professional Movers and Packers Faridabad is a great option to get your vehicle, be it a car or a two-wheeler, to your new place.

Things to take care of before you ship your car

1. Set a budget and timeline for shipping your car.

Usually, a sedan-sized vehicle takes two days to three weeks for shipping depending on the distance it’s shipped. Shipping times can also vary depending on the weather, road conditions, and traffic.

Nowadays, car relocating services have cost calculators on their websites where you can calculate a virtual cost based on approximate parameters like weight and dimensions.

2. Research reputable car shipping companies and their prices.

With the significant increase in the number of car or two-wheeler owners, relocation of the vehicle has become quite a common job.

This has given rise to several companies that transport your vehicle swiftly and conveniently. While you’re carrying out your daily tasks or enjoying yourself with family, these companies get your vehicle shifted to your desired place.

There are hundreds of car relocation companies, each claiming the best services at a minimum price, how to select a company that best suits your requirement and is economical.

3. Searching on the internet gives you an almanac of companies with their ratings and customer reviews.

Go for one that has the maximum ratings and positive customer reviews. Beware of the reviews written with an extremely positive or negative sentiment. A good portal for reviews of top packers and movers is:

They are generally outliers or auto-generated. Once you’re sure about the kind of service of a company, go ahead with filling in the details about the car type (hatchback, sedan, or SUV) and model or two-wheeler that you have to shit.

You’ll likely get a callback within a few minutes or hours for getting the details of the way you want to get it shifted and when.

4. Price negotiation and payment.

If you’re shifting your car along with all your household, you would like to keep the car shifting cost minimum. The following tips will help you negotiate with the relocation company managers at a reasonable price.

4.1) Choose to visit personally:

This is the most critical factor that decides your chances of success in the negotiation. When you meet the packer and mover company in person, this shows that you’re serious about hiring their service. This boosts your confidence and places you in a higher position to place your word.

4.2) Throw comparisons:

When you tell the company managers that you have multiple options of hiring, they’ll be compelled to reduce their rates as well as reveal the special offers and discounts.

4.3) Ask for customer review:

Ask the manager to show the references of the previous customers. Give more weightage to the customers’ reference than the promises of the manager.

4.4) Ask for offers and off-season discounts:

In a diverse country like India, there’s no dearth of recurrent schemes about offers, coupons, discounts. Before signing the deal, always demand offers and discounts that are active in the company policy.

Once you fix the price for relocation, choose the mode of payment. Prefer digital means of payment over cash as they’re reliable and reflect in your transaction tally.

Cash payments easily evade scrutiny and taxation and are more prone to black usage. Never pay the full payment in advance until all the duties in the contract are done.

Making full payment right at the beginning takes away the discipline from the service providers and makes you prone to scam.

5. Check your insurance coverage and that of the shipping company.

The value of cars and two-wheelers is not only monetary but they’re dear to you. Besides, the dent repair of a luxury sedan costs thousands of rupees. So, they need to be shifted without getting a scratch.

Although the safety of the vehicle is the priority of the companies, still many companies provide insurance claims to their customers in case of unforeseen events like damage or theft. Read the points of the insurance documents carefully. Match the model, number, and type of vehicle printed to avoid the possibility of scams and undue charges. The claims of the insurance should appear justified to you rather than too optimistic. Only when you’re sure about the complete spectrum of loss coverage, should you sign it.

The Day Before You Ship Your Car

How to get your car ready for transportation?

This step requires maximum effort on your part. Once you’ve booked a relocating service, you’ve to get your car in a position to be transported.

Starting to prepare your car too early can cause your car to collect dirt before the date for the transportation comes.

Starting too late can overburden you and may cost you your daily tasks. So, everything should be at the right time.

On average, two days are enough to get your car ready.

Empty your car.

Evacuate your car with all your belongings before handing it over to the shipping company. Traffic and poor road conditions may cause things inside the car to topple here and there. Do not forget to check the middle console, seat pockets, visors, trunk, and under all of the seats. However, you can leave a quarter of the fuel tank so that you don’t need to refuel it after picking it up at the destination.

The Day You Ship Your Car

Wash, inspect, and photograph your car.

Depending on the coverage and type of insurance policy, shipping companies are generally responsible for any damage caught during the shipment. It’s always wise to click pictures of your car before the shipment to compare it later for any damage.

Wash your car thoroughly so that it is free of dirt. Finding damages on a clean car is easier than a stained one. The shipping companies also inspect your car on their part and get a signed document from you before shipment. Make sure you have already examined our car thoroughly to counter any inappropriate assessment done by the shipment company.

Prepare your car to be shipped:

When your car is about to be loaded, you need to take care of these final details:

  • Check that your car alarm is disabled.
  • Fold inside view mirrors.
  • Remove and secure antenna.
  • Handover the keys to the shipping company.
  • Receive your tracking number.

Most car shipping companies allow you to track your car with a tracking number. Make sure you get this before you leave your car with the shipping company. You will be able to check your car’s status along the way and get a better sense of when it will be delivered.

After You Ship Your Car

Track your car.

During the time your car is being shipped, you can track it online through the tracking id. The shipping companies update the location and time regularly with high accuracy. You’ll also know when your car reaches the destination and ready to pick up. Any delays in shipment will be notified to you on the go.

Check your car for damage on pickup.

Although professional companies transport the vehicle without compromising safety, you should still examine your car when you pick it up. If you find any damage, click pictures so that you can compare them with the photos you took before the shipment. Report any fresh damage you observe to the shipping company as soon as possible. Ask them to give you the repair estimates to cover the damage.

Automobiles and motorcycles are delicate and dear to every house member. Once you choose a trusted relocating company you can get rid of the worry of shifting your vehicle to the place you want at economical prices.