How To Shave Your Head Bald With An Electric Razor?

During this lock downtime, some of the things you need to do are on your own. They include the shaving of your hair. There are more tools to be used for shaving your head. They include clippers, scissors, and razor blades. With all this clippers are the easiest to use. Some clippers operate best with dry hair hence no need of softening them.

There are different types of clipper i.e. cordless and cabled clippers. Cordless clippers are driven by power withdrawn from the batteries installed. Some batteries are rechargeable while others are replaceable one the voltage is very low. With an electric razor, there are some steps needed to be followed for you to have a successful and clean head shaving.

How to Shave your Head with an Electric Razor

With a best electric razor, you need to follow the guide below so that your shaving can be successful. The steps are easy and even a beginner can easily understand the process. With an electric razor, you will have fewer cuts hence less blood loss. Proper preparation will help you in saving shaving time.

  1. Prepare the shaving equipment and assemble them.

Like every other shaving, you will also need to collect all the shaving necessities together. This will greatly help in minimizing time wastage while trying to find a product during the process. Remember to use quality and approved products for your shaving. You can always buy them from approved dealers. The products required include an electric clipper, electric shaver, scissors, a mirror, and an aftershave lotion.

  1. Prepare your head

More of the people will prefer lubricating their head before shaving. You can lubricate it using a powder for dry shaving. However, it is always recommended that you should ensure that your head is free from any dirt particles. To be sure of this, you should take a shower sometime before you shave your head. Dirt particles can spoil your electric razor.

Additionally, after you take some shower, your pores will open up, & the hair will become softest & more pliable. This will make it suitable for the electric razor to cut your hair easily.

  1. Trim long hair

For people who have long hairs, it is always advisable that you trim your hair using a scissor. Trim it starting from the front moving backside. You should also cut on the side with care to prevent cuts. Take your time and you should be careful. When cutting around your ear, you should turn it backward and cover it with the freehand.

Moreover, when trimming at the back of your head, you should start from the lower side as you move up.

  1. Shaving with an electric razor

When your hair is short, you can easily smoothen your head using an electric razor. When shaving your head you can be wiping the cut hair so that you can know the place with the hair. When shaving you can always start with the position that you are comfortable with. On the right side of your head, you can shave using the right hand.

When shaving on the left side, you can use the comfortable left hand. You should also take caution when shaving around your ears. You can easily feel that the place is not smooth with the tip of your finger.

For you to have a smooth shaving, you need to use the vibrating razor-heads. You can go slow on places that you feel that there is hair. You can repeat the process until you feel you are okay with the shaving touch.

  1. Clean the head

After you are done with the shaving, you need to clean the head and remove the stuck hair. You can wash it with Luke-warm water and dry it with a soft and dry towel. Roll the towel gently to prevent scratching of your head because at this point it is sensitive.

  1. Apply moisturizer

After shaving and cleaning your head, you need to apply a moisturizer. This will moisturize your skin and it will prevent cracking. If you will be operating your activities under the sun, you should apply sunscreen. Sunscreen lotion will greatly help in preventing your skin from being damaged by the sun rays.

Dos & Don’ts when using an electric razor to shave your head

  • Check on your scalp skin condition before shaving. If you have rash or acne you need to be very careful when shaving with an electric razor.
  • Always make sure that the electric razor is clean before use. You should clean it with disinfected Luke-warm water.
  • For beginners, you should shave using a mirror
  • You shouldn’t use a straight edge or safety razor. These may create severe cuts on your head.
  • When using a vibrator razor head to clear hair in your head, you shouldn’t press it down
  • After every shave, you need to have a good shower. Always remember not to use harsh soap on your head. It may cause your skin to dry. Furthermore, it can also cause irritation
  • Use the recommended quality and approved after shave lotion. This will help in repairing the damaged parts.
  • Always protect your bald head from sunlight when going outside.
  • Always keep your skin moisturized.


With the guidance above, you should be able to use a good quality electric head shaver to shave your head safely. Remember to clean the area used. You should collect the fallen hair and dispose of them in the right place. Ensure that you purchase quality products from quality suppliers. Above all, keep your electric razor clean after every use.

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