How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter

If you love cigars, you know you cannot live without a cigar cutter or punch. So if you cherish cigar cutters as much as you love cigars, the question is: which cigar cutters do you like? There are many available in the market. Did you know that you can choose how to cut your cigars as well? Different people have different choices. But we will talk about how you can keep your cigar cutter sharp. Keep reading to find out how to sharpen your cigar cutter!

How to Sharp

As we all know, metals rust with time. Just like you have seen chefs sharpen their knife sets; similarly, your cigar cutter must be cleaned and sharped. Most of the high-end cigar cutter companies do offer sharpening services. But if you want to sharpen it yourself, there are a few tips that you must follow so that you sharpen it the right way.

Remove the Casing

To clean and sharpen the blade, remove the casing first. Be very careful during this as you may hurt yourself. Removing the container will also help you in reaching all corners of the blade. This way, you will be able to sharpen the blade the right way.


Once you have removed the casing, always clean the blade. There might be cigar shavings or anything stuck on the blade. If you start sharpening before cleaning, you will not be able to sharpen it properly. Some edges may remain blunt. Therefore, take a damp cloth or some cotton and remove the cigar debris. Be extremely careful because the blade can still cut your skin.

Hot Water

If your cutter is made from stainless steel, you can put it in hot water for an hour. This will remove all the dirt stuck that is difficult to remove. It is also a safer way and will minimize the chances of you accidentally getting a cut from the blade. Take the cutter out of the water and then towel-dry it before sharpening.

Use a Small Filer

Take a small filing tool to sharpen the blade. Do not go for a big-sized filer as it will be difficult to sharpen the cigar cutter. Start by filing the edges of the cutter and slowly sharpen the entire blade.

Type of Cutter

The type of cutter you own is important as well. If you have a low-quality cigar cutter, it is best that you chuck it away and buy a new one. We also recommend getting a high-quality cigar cutter from companies like Xikar. Their cutters last long, and the companies provide sharpening services as well.


For all cigar lovers, investing in a good cigar cutter would be a better idea. It is no point in using a $2 cigar cutter and then sharpening it again and again. High-quality cigar cutters are worth the money. They also last a long time and will not need to be sharped after a few days. We would say it is worth the dollars. 

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