How To Share Mobile Internet From Your Phone Via Wi-Fi?

There are cases when urgent Internet access is required. Whether it’s a laptop on the road or a desktop computer at home. As a rule, in such cases a USB – Modem is used. It’s very easy to use it – Insert a SIM card with a suitable tariff plan into the modem. Then plug the modem itself into a free USB port on your device. 

After that, you may need to install software to control the modem, but in some cases, this is not required. If you are using a jazz connection, then if you are not able to get this done. The best way would be to connect to jazz ecare for any such issues. If you are using any other internet network then likewise you can connect their support service.

After all the required changes, you should establish an Internet connection. If this did not happen, then you need to go to the modem control program and already there click on the button: “Establish a connection”, usually it stands out the most. But if there is no USB-Modem, then you can use the phone. All modern phones (be it an Android device or an iPhone) have the function of distributing the Internet via WI-FI.

Let’s see in what cases this function may be needed:

  • If the provider’s main network fails, the phone will act as a backup option.
  • With a bad Internet connection on the other phone, in the case when one of the operators has a bad signal.
  • In a house or apartment where it is not possible to conduct a wired Internet, in this case, the phone acts as an alternative to the wired Internet.

Of course, this method has its drawbacks:

  • An enabled access point will reduce battery life.
  • You can quickly use up your internet traffic.
  • A phone with an enabled access point heats up noticeably and should not be put in your pocket.
  • Limited range – in most cases the range is sufficient.

There are several ways to distribute the Internet to your phone, computer, or laptop:

  • Via cable – This is one of the most ancient methods and even a push-button telephone can be used in it. To do this, you need to connect the phone to a computer (or any other device) and activate the Hotspot mode on the phone.
  • Via Bluetooth – This method does not give great speed, so we will not dwell on it.
  • Via WI-FI – This is one of the most effective ways. The instructions for iPhone and Android are not much different, but let’s take a closer look:
  • For iPhone, you need to go to settings, select “Cellular data”. Then we make sure that the data transfer is on. Next, activate the “Hotspot Mode” and select the distribution via Wi-Fi. Do not forget to provide the password – it must be complex enough to prevent attackers from guessing it. The access point is ready, you can connect and use the Internet.
  • For Android – Everything is as easy here as on the iPhone. You need to go to “Settings”, then to the “More” section. There select the item “Hotspot Mode” (Maybe “Access Point”). Set up a password and network name. Now everything is ready for the Internet to work.

There is nothing complicated in these instructions and even a child can handle it. Also in newer versions of Android the “Hotspot Mode” item can be moved to the main settings menu. In some phone models, This item can be moved to the upper “Shutter”, which greatly simplifies the whole process to one touch. If you are using a good internet package like jazz monthly internet package then it would be easier for using it on your laptop or PC.

There are numerous programs for controlling the access point in the Play Market application store – they provide a more convenient launch of distribution. For example, some of them automatically turn on the data transfer if it was turned off (the “Wi-Fi Hotspot (Widget)” application from the developer Little Smart Apps).