How To Set Up Superbox S3 Pro?

Superbox S3 Pro is an Android TV device that provides streaming home entertainment. It has a large consumer base because of its affordability and accessibility to 10000+ TV episodes and 1000+ live premium channels. It is an upgraded version of Superbox S2 with additional features such as powerful Android 9, better use of EPG, voice command option, and many more.

How to set up Superbox S3 Pro?

For setting up the Superbox S3 Pro, you need to follow the below-given steps:

#1. Select your language

This Android box for TV has an automatic process for its set up for first-time users. You can do it manually even. Go to “Settings” to make an appropriate language selection. 

#2. Wait for a wireless network

Superbox TV should be within the range of a wireless network. Go to the “Settings” and find the network option using a remote control. You can see different nearby Wi-Fi lists from this option and connect to those you want. With the help of an on-screen keyboard, enter the correct password.

#3. Complete the update

It will be automatically downloaded and installed on the IPTV box if any update is available. It will take only a few minutes for the update to be completed. After completion, the box will get restarted itself. You can find any available updates from the settings. Through the “About” option, you can find any system update available.

#4. Google sign-in required

Sign in through your active Google account using your e-mail id and password. Enter the other details required through an on-screen keyboard. You can choose among “Use your mobile or laptop.” According to the option chosen, open the web browser connecting the same wireless network. On the official website of Superbox S3 Pro, enter the pin displayed on the TV screen.

After completing these steps, your Android TV box for TV is ready to use. You can explore the content available using the remote. For any changes, you can go to the “Settings” option.

How to set up a TV for Superbox S3 Pro?

Step 1: Switch off your TV set to connect to the Android device.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI cable provided to the HDMI port of Superbox S3 Pro

Step 3: You can find HDMI ports in the back or side areas of the TV. Connect the TV from HDMI cable through the ports available.  

Step 4: When you connect the cable of Superbox S3 Pro, it will turn on instantly.

Step 5: The remote of the Superbox TV needs AAA batteries. Switch on the TV.

Step 6: Tap on the “Source” or “Input” button on the remote. The name and position of the switch might vary depending on different brands of TV.

Step 7: Choose the input for your Android TV box. Surf through the buttons to reach the welcome screen. Alternatively, you can check the labeling in the HDMI port and choose the input directly.

Step 8: If you find a pairing option on a TV screen rather than a welcome screen, pair the remote manually. Long press the back and home buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. A blinking light depicts the successful pairing of TV with remote. Tap on the “Ok” button for the light to be stable. Pairing may fail either because the remote control is 10 inches away from the set up TV box or if the battery in the remote is faulty.


Superbox S3 Pro is one of the best Android TV devices that provide global entertainment. Since there’s no censorship, it is readily available in almost all countries. Moreover, it is easy to set up the TV box.