How to set up an announcement channel on Discord Server?

Almost all categories of people have flocked to the social platform Discord since its launch in 2015. On Discord, you can find different communities of people taking on varying topics like politics, economy, cryptocurrency, and movies in specially designated groups created for like-minded people. The platform has evolved a lot in recent years. 

If you want to create your community on Discord or make a chatroom for your friends, you can easily set up your own Discord server. To build a wide community you may plan to buy Discord members as well. And once you are ready with your own server, you can invite your friends for different channels for different topics and specify roles — like you can make some people admins, some chat moderators, and some might be administrators.

Often it happens that after you have created your discord server, you realize that it is good to have a channel only for updates and any new announcements on your Discord community. Or you might also think of permitting users to follow the channel to get your updates on their servers. All this can be done by adding an Announcement Channel to your community. 

This article will discuss how to make an announcement in a  Crypto Discord Servers . Here are the steps:

1.  Enable Community in Your Settings:

Before building an announcement channel, one is required to enable Community for Discord. The community does not mean that your server will get greater exposure or attract additional members. It only means that you will be able to share posts from other servers on your own server and vice versa. 

2.      Finish the safety checks: You are supposed to verify your email with Discord and then enable “Scan media content from all members.” This is to make sure that no one else will post any explicit or derogatory content on your server.

3.      Designate the required channels: To have your channel created for the community, one would need a designated rules channel and a channel, particularly for Admins and Mods, to get updates from Discord. If these channels are not already created, an option will pop up to have Discord build them for you.

4.      Confirm the suggestions & click “Finish Setup”: Discord provides you the choice to make notifications default to “Mentions Only”; this is useful for restricting the number of pings you get. There is another suggestion from Discord for removing moderation permissions from users in the “@everyone” role. 

The “@everyone” role is usually for users who are below the rank of “Admin” and “Mod.” It is a good idea to check this so that only higher-ranked users can add changes to your server.

5.      Choose one channel as an announcement channel: Click on the gear icon which is next to the channel of your choosing. This will take you to this screen with the “Announcement Channel” option. Toggle the “Announcement Channel” option.

6.      Your announcement channel is now ready!: The megaphone icon which appears indicates that you have successfully created your announcement channel. Congratulations!

How to add new announcements in Discord?

Now that your announcement channel is set to go, you will have an additional option to “publish” anything you post on the channel. This suggests that users who “follow” your server will also have access to your announcements besides your server members. If you are also following other servers, you can select where you would like announcements from those servers to post on your personal server.