How to Set up a Shopify Online Store from a Magento Site

Moving a site can be compared to a move. If you are thinking of migrating data from Magento to Shopify while preserving all the pieces of data, we will tell you how to do it smoothly, and present a step-by-step guide.

Migrate from Shopify with MakeBeCool in a few steps:

You need to do the following:

• create a Shopify account;

• make a backup copy of the site;

• download the Store Import app;

• export from Magento;

• import to Shopify.

Create account

During the trial period, you can familiarize yourself with e-commerce tools. Before you undertake obligations, but after its completion, you will need to switch to a paid tariff. The main plans are:

• basic, its cost is $ 29 per month;

• Shopify – $ 79

• Advanced Shopify – 299.

The basic option provides the opportunity to take advantage of all the functions to start a new business. The second option provides various tools to develop an online store. The third tariff plan offers advanced opportunities for scaling your own business. There is no setup fee, there is a monthly payment.

Making a backup

Before proceeding with the transition, you will need to make sure that all site data is safe and reliable. Otherwise, the site may fall apart in the process, lose all your customers, lose data on payments and products.

To create a backup copy of your Magento store – go to the side admin panel and follow the following sequence of actions: System – Tools – Backups. Then choose which type of backup you want to create from the following options:

• system backup will allow you to completely copy the entire database and files;

• backing up the database and media will allow you to copy customer information, pictures, products;

• database backup.

You may already be using automatic backups with a hosting provider. In such a situation, you do not need to create a backup copy of the site. Having a backup copy will allow you to be sure that important information will be saved during the export process.

Downloading the Import Store App

The app store has a large selection of different apps. It is better to use “Import from Store” to complete the transfer. This application will make it easy to transfer products and customers.

On the admin page, click on Applications, and then Import store and follow the instructions accordingly. If you don’t like the application, you can use other quality products.

Exporting data from Magento

Now let us start assembling the necessary data to transfer it to a new location. To export data, you can use the same admin sidebar used for the backup. The export process goes like this:

• click on System on the side panel, and then Data Transfer and Export;

• specify the type of object in the expert settings;

• in the Export file format field, you need to select XML in case you are using the Import Store application, and if you want to complete the process manually, you can select CSV or Transporter.

If you have set a goal to bring your products, customer addresses and the main customer file with you, you will need to follow the process described above for each of them. If you do everything correctly, the spreadsheet will contain all the data. They can be easily handled with software to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Importing data to Shopify

Now you can use the data to import into Shopify. For successful completion, you need to do the following:

• go to the admin page, select Applications and Import store;

• in the menu that appears, specify where you are importing from, in our case it is Magento;

• go to the Upload files section, now Add file and select which ones you want to export;

• select the downloaded file;

• to complete the process – click Continue import, and then Import.

If you cannot store the data in the XML required to use the application, you need to use other suggestions or do it manually.

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