How to Set Up a Home Gym Within Budget

The pandemic-induced lockdown taught us many things. But most importantly, it taught us how to take care of our health without going to a gym or fitness center. Since most gyms and fitness centers were closed throughout the world last year, many people turned to bodyweight exercises, small exercise equipment for home, running, Yoga, and other forms of exercise that require little to no equipment to keep themselves healthy and reach their fitness goals.

The chances are you may have realized how setting up a small home gym can help reach your fitness goal, even if the equipment and accessories are kept to a bare minimum. But your budget may have prevented you from taking a step forward. That said, setting up a home gym doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on a functional trainer machine or high-tech treadmill. You can build a decent gym at home with equipment that allows you to perform a range of body movements and isn’t heavy on your pocket.

Here are a few essential yet affordable pieces of small exercise equipment for a home gym:

SmithShaper SQUATX
Considered the best squat support equipment for home, it allows you to perform several variations of the squat, engaging and hitting different leg muscles at the same time. And since leg exercises are key to any fitness program, investing in this piece of equipment can be your best buying decision for your home gym.

Pull-up bar
Moving to the upper body, pull-up exercise is one of the best upper body exercises to include in your fitness routine. Not only does it engage latissimus dorsi, or the back muscles, it also improves core strength and muscle stability. A pull-up bar will enable you to perform this exercise at home and gain strength and muscles. The best part is that this bar is quite affordable and doesn’t require additional space, as it is hooked or fitted inside a doorway.

SmithShaper® Ab Squat Rider
A home workout is incomplete without abs training. While you can perform crunches and lying leg raises to target your upper and lower abdominal muscles, there is a limit to how much resistance your body weight can offer. To add resistance to your abs training, SmithShaper® Ab Squat Rider is perfect equipment to consider. This small exercise equipment for home is a multipurpose exercise that enables even beginners to perform ab rolls and a range of other exercises that focus not only on abs but many other muscles.

Dumbbells and kettlebells
Dumbbells and kettlebells are as important to a home as ice-cream to an ice-cream parlor. These pieces of equipment are so versatile that they can be used for any exercise — dumbbell press, shrugs, curls, rows, you name it. So, make sure you slowly add dumbbells and kettlebells of varying weights to your home gym.

While the list of affordable, small exercise equipment for home is long, the aforementioned equipment can build a good foundation for a home gym.