How To Set Up a Great Startup with WordPress Plugin for Listing Services

Nowadays setting up a startup is one of the most interesting topics in the business and information technology industry. In this article we will explain how you can set up a listing service website with the Listdom WordPress plugin. First of all we will introduce WordPress and Listdom. After that we will explain how you can configure Listdom Lite to have a listing service website and finally we will explain how Listdom Pro can make your website more advanced and professional.

Start with an introduction to WordPress and Listdom

As you may know WordPress is the most famous CMS that you can install simply and have a website. WordPress is so great for a simple website and blog but you can create whatever you want by installing other plugins and themes. Listdom is one of these WordPress plugins which allows you to set up a listing services website as simple as WordPress itself. The great point about Listdom is that you can use it with any WordPress theme which is comfortable for you because it has its own styles and skins.

How to configure a Listing Services with Listdom Lite

Listdom Lite is a free listing services plugin for WordPress which you can install from WordPress Repository and allows you to set up a fully functional listing services website and in this section we will explain these configurations and concepts step by step.

First of all you need to some services in the Listings menu in WordPress backend.Please follow these menus and then add necessary informations:

– Categories: when you want to have a listing services platform you need to add some categories. For example Banks, Cleanings, Cars, Home, Clinics and …

– Locations: depending on your business plan you can add different location levels like Countries, states, cities, and even regions in a city to show different areas that your business provides listings.

– Tags: tags are like keywords and with this tool you can show different concepts of listing. For example 7/24, verified, and …

– Features: this menu is ideal to add different features that your listings may have. For example free wifi, security and …

– Label: labels are a great tool to make some listings different from others. For example must see, vip, super vip, and …


When you added Categories, Locations, Tags, Features and Labels. It is time to add some listing services in the backend. Please head over to Add Listing in the Listings menu of Listdom and then add your service listings as simple as adding a WordPress post.


Now you can show these listing services in front-end to your visitors in more than 80 skins and styles. Just head over to the shortcodes menu of Listdom in the back-end and select the skins and styles that you want. At this time our main skins are half map, list view, grid view, list+grid view, masonry view, carousel view, slider view, cover view and Google Maps views. The good thing is that each skin supports different styles. Now you can use this shortcode anywhere that you want show listing services in WordPress.


When we talk about a listing services website, search forms are very important. Listdom provide you an amazing search form builder which you can see that in Listdom menu of WordPress backend and create dynamic search forms as you wish.


Be More Advanced with Listdom Pro

Listdom Pro is a paid WordPress Plugin for Listing Services and you can have more additional features that Listdom lite and it will help you to have more tools. In this section we are going to explain how you can use these ease to use tools.

In listing services websites you may want to give the ability to your users and visitors to add their listing in the front-end without accessing WordPress backend. It is very simple, you  just need to create a page and use Listdom front-end dashboard short-code on that page.

Sometimes people want to have maps but do not want to use Google Maps because it needs API and after a while it will be a paid service. So Listdom Pro comes up with OpenStreetMap which is a free Map and does not need an API. On the other hand, Listdom Pro offers you advanced map search feature, when users change map position on Google Map or OpenStreetMap they listing services result will change as well.

Now it is time to talk about Litdom attributes(custom fields) which is available in the Listing menu of WordPress back-end and you can add custom fields for all categories or per category. For example In listing services you may have banks and homes services, so you can have some fields which are showing only in  banks and some in home service.

Show videos of hotels with embed code feature in the hotel details page, It is very important to see a video about a hotel before you stay. So you can add a video embed code of the hotel and it will show in the hotel details page.

The final feature which we would like to explain is radius search, with this feature you can add address in search builder form and then select Radius type. So your users can enter an address and see hotels in that area.

With Listdom Addons Be Number 1 In The Market

There are more than 20 different addons that Listdom offers you and you can see them in their shop. In this article we will explain three of them which give you wonderful abilities. Booking Addon, this addon gives you the ability to have a booking and reservation feature. So your visitors can book the services that you or our users listed in your website. After that you can have the Android and IOS app with Listdom Mobile addon and your users and visitors can work on their phone with native apps. And then you can import all services that you have at one time with CSV Importer Addon. This addon will save your time very well.



Finally, Listdom Pro and Listdom Lite give you the ability to set up a wonderful service listing website with easy and modern tools. Also there are some advanced addons which give you the ability to offer more features to your users and visitors. Generally Listdom is the best services listing plugin for WordPress and you can see their power with installing those or see different demos.