How to set up a cyber date for special friend

Using social media apps to look for a romantic partner is a common practice nowadays. It’s probably less common to help a friend hook up with another friend online. You might have noticed one of your close friends feeling a bit neglected lately because you spend most of your time chatting with your sweetheart. He will not admit it but he too feels the need to have a special bond with someone. He has been in relationships before but he was mostly the one who got involved and then got ditched. He doesn’t believe in true love anymore due to his past experiences but you have to dig deeper. No matter what he says, the fact of the matter is that everyone needs a companion. It isn’t easy setting up a friend with someone when they’re not the ones asking you to do so. However, if you come across a suitable match for your friend and you just watch a good thing slip away, your guilt will get the better of you eventually. NEEO Messenger will help you work for the noble cause with a higher probability of success. The free chat app offers several fun features which will make match-making a fun experience for you.

  1. Post a charming picture of your friend:

You’re ready to make the effort for your friend which he is reluctant to make for himself. But since you don’t have access to his social media profile you can use your own. You’ve been friends for a long time so you must have several pictures with him in them. Select some of the best pictures of you two and put them up on your wall then tag your friend. Put up meaningful captions with words of praise for your friend, such as, ‘Lucky to have this rocker as a friend!’ with a picture of you two jamming together. Without a doubt, you’re going to get comments on your wall.

  1. Enhance his talent on social media:

Since almost everyone has a talent or a hobby, your friend must have one too. Highlight these talents by putting up pictures and videos of your friend which you feel others will find attractive. If he’s a painter put up a picture of some of his best works and if he’s a singer then put up a video of him singing. You’ll see some of your single female friends showing interest by asking about him in the comments. Go through all the comments carefully to see which ones are ‘general’ and which ones are ‘specific’ so the options become more clear.

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  1. Filter through the list of options:

There will be several comments but you will have to select the ones that sound most enthusiastic. Also, you need to find someone open to the prospect of an online relationship. You can then go through their profiles to check their status and interests. If you find someone who you think will be compatible with your friend, send her a text using your free chat app. Ask about her life in general before you reveal your true purpose.

  1. Ask your friend for approval:

Naturally, it would be unfair if you lead someone on when your friend is least bothered and interested. Before you send his prospect match a message first ask your friend how he feels about this movie. If your friend doesn’t find the match suitable in the least he will put a stop to it right there and then but if he stays quiet there might just be a glimmer of hope. 

  1. Find out if she is single:

Once you know your friend hasn’t blatantly rejected a certain someone whom you thought fit for him out of all the options, you can go ahead and talk to her. Make small talk first and then start talking about your friend to observe her response. If she doesn’t seem offended and begins asking questions you can be honest and tell her about your friend. Tell her the truth about why your friend is reluctant to date women and tell her why you thought they seemed compatible.

  1. Schedule a meeting on a video call:

Since you’ve done most of the talking through chat it’ll be a waste of time having your friend chat with her through messages. Set up a date for them via video call so they can both have a good look at each other and see if there’s a spark there. Schedule a time that is suitable for both and make sure your friend turns up because if he doesn’t you’ll be held accountable. Don’t raise their expectation levels too high and give them space to discover whether they click or not.

Online dating can be a cumbersome experience, especially when you’re the third person trying to get two strangers to connect. But there’s less disappointment this way because even if they don’t feel any chemistry, at least they’ll know they didn’t waste time and energy in an attempt to meet physically. The rejection won’t be too painful either in case one side got more interested than the other. Free chat apps like NEEO Messenger aren’t just there for pleasure but they also help you find happiness for others. Download the app and try out all the features for yourself and a friend! Also, download the NEEO Wallet app so you can manage your digital currency and help someone out financially.