How to set the Perimeter for Avast Storage Space

Avast is a cyber security industry that offers lots of tools and services. The Avast cleanup offers tools to manage the storage on the PC. It is a type of optimization tool which scans the device for improving Avast Storage Space and keeps the device optimized. Whenever the program starts crashing or running slowly; run the Avast tool. It will remove the junk from the device and enhance the device performance. 

The Avast improves the storage space with the help of a free up space tool. When you run this tool, it will remove the system junk which is the remaining unnecessary files of system installers, cache, programs, logs, temporary etc. The tool also removes all the browser data like cookies, history, cache, etc. 

Setting perimeter for Avast storage space

The user can set a certain perimeter for the Avast cleanup tool for device optimization. For cleanup premium, the user has to get the paid application. After installing, activate your Avast setup with the key and then you can access the tools. 

  1. Open Avast cleanup 
  2. Choose Maintenance from the dashboard
  3. You will get certain boxes to clean
  4. You can choose the boxes to clean
  5. After cleaning, you will get the details 
  6. Now tap on Panel and check for further cleaning
  7. Select Fix & Clean option and it will repair the damaged files. 

Managing background apps

The user can set the applications in the background. These apps run and use the RAM cycles. The user should only run crucial apps to keep the device optimized.

  1. Go to the Speed up option
  2. Tap on Background & Startup Programs
  3. The user will get a applications list

You can choose Sleep, Ignore, and Put all to Sleep options. When you choose the Sleep option, it gets removed from the background. 

Free up space on PC

Avast cleanup scans and removes the browser junk and system junk from the PC. 

  1. Go to Avast dashboard and click on Free Up Space
  2. You will get the category for cleaning
  3. In System junk, it will clean all unnecessary files on the computer
  4. In-Browser data, the cleanup tool removes all browser junk 
  5. Select the category and then you can choose Select recommended or select all button
  6. Check items on the screen
  7. If you want any item to remove from the list then click on Ignore option
  8. Tap on the Clean Now option and the junk will be removed from the computer.

Issues while running Cleanup Tool for Avast Storage Space

Avast is showing lots of popups

The user gets popups while using Avast if he is using the free plan. If you want to stop Avast popups then you have to upgrade the plan and get the Avast Cleanup Premium. Before installing the new Avast setup, the user should remove the freeware from the PC. Using multiple Avast setups on the same device will show errors. Go to Apps and uninstall the free Avast setup. Now restart the computer and then install a new Avast setup on the PC.

Avast is not scanning

Whenever you get scanning errors on the device, check for the update. Your antivirus shows issues if the setup is outdated. The user should immediately install the latest update of Avast antivirus. Go to Apps and select Avast antivirus. Tap on Update and it will start searching for the new update. After updating, restart the PC and try to run the Avast scanning process. 

Avast antivirus is not opening

When the Avast setup is not opening; check for its registry files. Not opening errors mainly appear due to registry files issues. The user has to check those corrupted files and then repair them. Edit those files when you know the guidelines. While editing, create the backup and then make changes. Go to the PC and run the Regedit tool.

The user will see the Registry Editor on the screen. Choose Avast related files and check for corrupted files. Now create the backup key and start repairing the files. After repairing the corrupted registry files, restart the computer. Go to the Avast icon and try to run the app on PC. 

The Avast scanning process keeps crashing

When the application keeps crashing, its program files are not working. But repairing files is difficult. The user can try reinstalling the Avast setup. Remove the corrupted Avast antivirus and then reinstall the new setup on the device.