How To Service A Garage Door: 3 Helpful Tips To Get You Started!

Your garage door is an important part of your home or even business should it require one, it’s the access point to your garage, to your vehicle(s), and even to your home. It is a place to keep things safe, away from potential damage, theft, or inclement weather. It’s also the largest moving object in your home, and is opened/closed an average of 1500 times per year… that’s a lot of usages, and it’s inevitable that through time and usage, either through general wear and tear or more immediate damage, it’s going to need servicing, repair, or even replacement at some point in your lifetime.

In such a scenario, you’ll need the services of a qualified, expert garage door technician; you should never attempt to repair the garage door yourself as, being the largest and likely heaviest moving object in your household, there is a safety factor involved that simply cannot be overestimated. 

But how can you tell which garage door service will be not only right for your needs but also provide you value for money? We’ve compiled three useful tips to ensure you not only get the right person to service your garage door but also keep costs as low as possible.

Let’s go…

  1. Garage door services

As a heavy mechanical object, there are inevitably a lot of things that can go wrong with your garage door, and it’s important you keep it in good working order, getting it serviced by a qualified expert technician at least once a year.  But what are the main parts of the garage door and what should you look for if your door starts malfunctioning or not working to optimal efficiency?

  • Springs: examine torsion springs to ensure they have the right level of tension.
  • Cable: check the cable for signs of fraying and replace anything that looks worn.
  • Roller: look for signs of bending or breakage.
  • Door sections and panels: search for signs of disrepair, which can impact the garage door opener as well.
  • Garage door opener: use for opening and closing several times to ensure the door is balanced.

If you spot anything amiss with the appearance and/or normal operation with your garage door, it’s time to call a garage door technician immediately.  Be sure you know precisely what is wrong with your door and convey this clearly to the technician so he knows not only what is required but also the potential cost in resolving that issue. This will save both time and money, and make the job of resolving your garage door issue that much easier.

If it’s such a scenario you find yourself in, then Up and Down Garage Doors is one of the market leaders in the garage doors services field, offering the highest standard of garage door services at the lowest costs in the current marketplace.

  1. Garage door replacement

When things start going wrong with your garage door, and you feel the need to hire a garage door services technician, you’ll inevitably wonder if your door can be repaired or have to be replaced altogether?

If it’s an older door, it might be an issue of long-term safety to get it replaced, but doing so will be a costlier affair than merely repairing it.  Either way, you need to know what exactly you wish for in resolving your garage door issue and how much you wish to spend in doing so. In hiring a garage door technician, make sure you convey to them what your approximate budget is for the task and how far you would be prepared to go in resolving the issue; will a simple repair suffice for you at this time or a wholesale replacement?  And if the latter, do you want a custom made door or a pre-manufactured one?

If you hire a trusted and qualified garage door technician, ensure you listen to his advice closely and take it onboard when making your final decision.  With Up and Down Garage Doors, you’ll always be guaranteed superior garage door services as well as an objective, independent, and honest assessment of your garage door issue from an expert and qualified technician.

  1. Garage door repair

Sometimes, a garage door will not require wholesale replacing, but rather just repairing.  Getting your garage door repaired or replaced will cost money either way, but you can mitigate the final costs by not only ensuring your garage door is kept in good working order – by getting it serviced at least once a year – but also keeping the area around the garage door clean and free of debris and detritus.

Should you need, however, your garage door repaired by a qualified technician, ensure you have an idea what’s wrong with it and convey this clearly to the said technician so he can assess the situation correctly and hopefully ensure a satisfactory resolution that saves you both time and money.

The aforementioned Up and Down Garage Doors, as one of the leading garage door services in the current marketplace, work tirelessly to ensure that any garage door repair you require will be handled promptly, professionally, and proficiently, to the very highest standard at the very lowest cost.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some useful and productive tips in getting the best garage door services and saving you money in the process.

Good luck!


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