How To Send A Holiday Gift Box

With the most economical shipping week of this year on us, it may be a hassle to ship bundles, particularly for smaller companies.

The holiday season is a period when you’re shopping around to find the best bargains on presents. But not all your gifts may be provided in person, rather than all your deals are always found on the web. This turns right into you need to make specific shipping solutions to ensure your gifts are shipped and received within a timely way.

Strategy to send presents to providers, partners, and clients? Be sure that they’re in precisely the identical state as they were when you packaged them. You’ll come across this critical in keeping quality professional associations.

After all, who wishes to get a broken present?

Utilize a Box which is the Correct Size for Your Present

Utilizing a box that’s the correct size for your present is a significant facet of transport gifts. Get the box also large, and you put yourself in danger of the thing rattling about in transport and getting damaged. Get the pack even little, and the present will become squashed and ruined.


Employing eco-friendly materials to pack your organization presents is a powerful way for your company to reduce its carbon footprint and be seen as a corporately accountable small enterprise.

Wrap Every Item Individually

If your present comprises over one thing, a cup, and saucer such as for a faithful colleague, then make sure you wrap each item separately with lots of bubble wrap or paper to protect them during transit.

Weigh the Gift Box After You’ve Packaged it

With the extra burden of packing, it would help if you weighed your present as soon as you’ve packed it. If, for instance, you’re sending wine for a present to workers for Christmas, consider the wine after it’s been filled. This will give you the precise weight of this bundle.

Label the Present as Fragile

Delicate, breakable things, such as good china, glassware, and crystals, and create unique gifts for precious customers, clients, partners, or providers to appreciate for several years to come.

The most important key to making sure your packages reach their destination in 1 piece would be to utilize enough packing stuff.

Here are a few tips to learn how much would be the ideal amount:

  • Surround anything you are sending together with a minimum of one inch or a lot of packing workmanship and materials on either side.
  • Two inches is perfect, and more in case, the product is delicate.
  • Consistently wrap and protect every product individually.
  • If you are sending a hollow thing like a vase, then fill it with packaging material before wrapping the item in bubble wrapping.

For exceptionally delicate presents, think about using two boxes and double the cushioning. Pack the breakable object firmly in a giant box with packaging material, then put it on your shipping box and then surround it with a different layer of cushioning.

Shield yourself from a lost package because of a damaged transport label by adding a backup tag. Write out the shipping and return address and set it within the box until you seal it up.

Utilization Tracking Services

To ensure your gift message arrives from the hands it is meant for, utilize monitoring services when you ship the parcel. Tracking providers, like the ones provided by USPS and FedEx, allow you to keep tabs on the status and place of your bundle.

You’ll also get proof of shipping once the present has attained its destination. What is more, monitoring services are liberated and consequently won’t price your enterprise anything.

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