How to sell your house

No doubt, the process of selling your house is not a piece of cake. Many people believe they put their house on sale, immediately find a client, get paid, and get rid of the keys. In reality, it is not that simple, and many details should be taken into account. To sell your house successfully, one should be patient and forward-looking.

To illustrate the point, much depends on your house location. Geography is what majorly controls your extra charge. In cases when there is a cut-throat competition but low inventory, you will make a deal easier and at a pleasant price. On the contrary, where real estate is not that in demand, diligent work and patience are required to get the fair market value of your home.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate business has flourished dramatically. In recent years the business of selling houses has been characterized by increased prices, intense bidding, and exceedingly strong buyer demand. Nevertheless, the price range is believed to balance the high demand, as well as increased mortgage rates will help stabilize the real estate market.

As a result, you have to be prepared and conduct thorough research on the subject beforehand. Frankly speaking, it is possible to keep certain factors under control, factors that can assure your success. For instance, it is strongly advised to hire a professional agent who will help you with the procedure. In the meantime, consider working on your house appeal on the Internet, try improving a couple of features, carefully plan the introduction message, etc. In the end, as much effort you put into the process, as many perks you get. And more money in your bank account, of course.

Think through your decision to sell

First of all, try pondering over the disadvantages and advantages of putting your house on sale. Do you sell it, because you need more space? If the answer is yes, consider an extension first. Rebuild or renovate your attic and perhaps construct a nice basement underground. Do not hurry and compare the costs; very often, the difference between the costs of selling and buying is substantial.

What about downsizing? Perhaps this is your best choice. Consider all benefits and plausible variants. After recognizing other options and contemplating your needs, you might see that renting your apartment to someone else is much better than selling it. Check our guide( to find more information on the matter. All in all, there might be other options which you need to find and reach the right decision.

Analyze your finances

If you have a mortgage, you will want to know how much money your house can be sold for. Check all the documentation, and consult with your lender before striking any deal. Perhaps you will be able to switch your mortgage to a new property. Or even better, you can remortgage your new, more expensive property. Nevertheless, do not forget to stay cautious and vigilant; mortgages can be a tricky business, and if you do not want to become bogged down, research information in advance.

Choose an agent wisely.

Given the influence of globalization and technological development, it seems to be a trivial step to find a professional real estate agent. Carefully explore agents’ previous workload and professional appointments. Do they have an online profile that stands out, a list of designations, the number of successful sales, and the time they have worked in the business? Mind to pay attention to their style of work, whether they use professional images or amateur low-quality pictures. The choice to work with the right person is your responsibility.

Needless to say, a lot of people prefer to save on expenses for hiring an agent. This strategy is called ‘for sale by owner’ or FSBO. Taking into account that agents’ commissions are quite high, the savings number is a rather substantial amount of money; usually, it is 5 or 6 percent of the total sale price. However, an experienced agent saves you a lot of trouble. They are more experienced in negotiating the best price, and thanks to their industrious approach, your house is exposed to a bigger audience.

Consider taking professional photos.

Do not underestimate this step; otherwise, it may have a harmful influence on your deal. The better quality of the photos, the bigger chance to attract a potential customer and have a profitable bargain. If your rooms appear too small or shady, a good photographer is capable of making them look bigger and more appealing. With a professional approach, your garden, lawn, and patio can magically transform into a work of art. Besides, who enjoys watching poor-quality images, oddly placed furniture, and so on. If we talk about introducing your house, pictures are the main hook.

Think of a realistic price

Even though setting a reasonable price may seem obvious, still many home sellers abuse their privilege. Unrealistic prices turn off buyers immediately. To find the best pricing solution, try consulting other homes’ values and details in your neighborhood. For this would be best to use comps, as they tell you how many houses and at what price they have been sold recently.

Check and negotiate offers.

At this point, your real estate agent is your best source for advice. If your house is situated in a popular location, you might get multiple offers. Conversely, sites with lower sales rates are less favorable for quick fruitful deals. You might be willing to take part in negotiations and bidding. To conclude, selling your house requires a bunch of preparation steps and patience. Suppose you do not feel confident in your negotiation skills or knowledge of the market; better to hire a professional real estate agent. Contemplate your decision, look at it from all possible perspectives and choose between the offers wisely. Do not forget about the high online appeal and good-quality photos. If all is carefully planned, you will strike the right deal.