How To Sell Used Things Online and Offline?

Before going to buy new things, everyone has a question around their mind is that now “what to do with the old used thing?”. So the answer is, you can sell used things online as well as offline too. For that, you will have to just follow some tips that help to easily sell your used items. The money which you can get from that sold things invests for buying new things in future.

Let’s have a look at those tips in details from the below.

Tips to Sell Used Things Online and Offline

Internet is important if you are selling used things online because without it, online selling is not possible.

Sell Used Things through Online Platforms

Facebook Group:

Join public or private FB groups on Facebook. But make sure, don’t forget to read its terms and guidelines before joining or posting too. Because sometimes it may happen they will not approve your post or ban you from that particular group. It is one of the best ways to sell used things. If you want to sell your items locally only then join only that type of group in place of the general group.

Facebook Profile:

If you have a profile on Facebook as well as a good network of people then it will be easy for you to sell used things online. Because your network will help to reach your post to people in your network or say who are your friends.

Facebook MarketPlace:

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best platforms where you can sell used, new, or anything free of cost. You will have to just mention the price, write a description, title and upload good quality real images of that product. Not only this platform but also many platforms like Amazon, Alibaba provides the facility to sell your new products online through their platform. And Meesho app is providing facilities to buy, sell and resell products online. But before going with it you must read Meesho review to decide.


Olx is one of the popular platforms to sell and buy things. Through this platform, you can place your used things for sale. But be aware, many frauds will come to you and ask your number or address directly without discussing the things which you have posted. So if possible then give your landline number or number to them which is not connected to your bank account for safety purposes. With safety measures, you can sell your used things on it also.

Classified Ads Sites

Like Facebook MarketPlace, with a Classified Ads site, you can publish your ads related to used things. But make sure to mention proper descriptions for your items so you can avoid unnecessary questions raised at the time of dealing. That will save the time of the seller as well as the buyer too.

Sell Used Things through Offline Platforms

Local Presence

If you have your local presence say “shop” or “store” then you can easily sell your used things offline by adding banners or posters to your store. This way people will come to you and ask you about things which you want to sell.

Newspaper Advertisement

With newspaper ads, you can give advertisements for selling your used items. It will help to reach your things for selling to many people. But make sure, give it in the newspaper which is famous in your area.


If you are in hurry like urgently need to shift to another city then a pamphlet advertisement is one of the best ideas. Because through it also you can reach to many people easily. But this time also, make sure to give your alternate number not the primary one for safety.


From the above-listed tips, you easily come to know tips on how to sell your used things both online as well as offline too. So for what you are waiting for, go and sell your things.