How to Sell Outdoor Power Equipment the Smart Way

From suburban parents to ardent rural DIYers, outdoor equipment has a market across the nation. In fact, American adults spend around $48 billion on lawn and garden equipment each year. Of course, some of that goes toward common hand tools and plants for getting that garden started.

Even so, that also means they shell out billions each year for new power equipment, repairs, and parts. That should come as good news if you’re in the outdoor equipment business. If you still struggle with selling equipment, keep reading for key business tips that will help you turn that inventory into revenue.

Develop Good Listening Skills

A lot of people talk about talking people into a purchase, but those are half-truths at best. A sale almost always starts with listening. You cannot talk anyone into buying anything they don’t actually want first.

With careful listening, though, you can identify the customer’s actual pain points. That’s how they tell you what they’ll buy today. If you can point them at a product that solves all or even most of those pain points, you’re on your way to a sale.

Train for Knowledge

Outdoor equipment manufacturers don’t roll out new models as often as computer and phone manufacturers, but new equipment does hit the market regularly. You must know what separates one model in the brands you sell from other models.

Just as importantly, though, you need nearly identical comprehension about brands you don’t sell as well. With so much available online, customers can walk in with a tremendous amount of information about your equipment and your competitors’ equipment. It’s your job to help them that information into a purchase.

Don’t Stock Too Many Brands

If you own your own equipment sales business, don’t get overeager in signing on with new vendors. Pick out a few that provide excellent support and training for their brands. That will help you master the information you’ll need.

Plus, you might even see some marketing support from the brands.

Go Digital

The Covid pandemic changed a lot about how people do their shopping, but not their need for lawn and garden equipment. What that means is that millions of more people shop online, which means you need more of a digital marketing presence.

Digital marketing not one of your strengths? Look for help from ag equipment dealer digital marketing experts. They’ll understand the best ways to reach your target customers online.

Selling that Power Equipment

Selling power equipment the smart way can mean learning or leaning in to new skills. You must bring good listening skills to the table. Otherwise, you’ll never know what your customer actually needs.

You must also know everything about the equipment and parts you sell, as well as everything your competitors sell. Your customers are online all the time, which means you can’t get by without some digital marketing as well. Customers don’t buy from businesses they don’t know exist.

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