How to Sell Off Your Vacant Land without Breaking a Sweat

If you have never done it before, you may be forgiven for assuming that there is no difference between selling a house and a lot. However, it may come as a surprise to discover that they are quite different. You need to equip yourself with the right information on how to sell your vacant land so that you get the best price without investing in improving it.

The Difference between Land Buyers and Home Buyers

While you can show prospective buyers the entire house, room by room, and try to highlight the most attractive features, a vacant piece of land is sold more by understanding what is best for development and then pitching it to prospective buyers appropriately. Some steps that you can take to sell off your land:

Understand Who the Likely Buyers Will Be 

The value of a lot is best appreciated by a buyer who is on the lookout to develop something that can leverage its location. For example, a lot near an expressway might appeal to a developer of a logistics hub or even a fuel bunk depending on the lot size. On the other hand, a lot in a residential area is likely to be ideal for a condo. In addition to the location, you will also need to understand the market conditions as well as the development in the surrounding areas.

Compile the Facts and Figures

According to, buyers are advised to perform their due diligence regarding building permits, zoning changes, and environmental restrictions that could affect the value of the lot. Once you can figure out the target buyers, you will need to think like them so that you can highlight what is important and relevant to them. If you are targeting a builder of homes, you should have all the information regarding neighborhood shopping, amenities, sports facilities, schools, rail and road connectivity, etc. When you are armed with important information, customers like, an established direct buyer of land, are likely to treat you with more respect.

Set Your Price Carefully

It is easy to get carried away by the appeal of the land you are selling and set a price that is not in line with the market. Too high a price will automatically make buyers shy away, and you could be stuck for months before you can strike a deal at a much-reduced price. The right price is often more difficult to arrive at than for developed lots that have a well-established market. Further, the price you can get also depends on the intended use by the developer. You also need to decide whether you have the patience to wait till you get a lucrative price or sell quickly and move on. Hiring a realtor experienced in lot transactions may be helpful.


While you will get a sales pitch ready, preferably with a presentation that you can show on a laptop when meeting prospective buyers or email them, you will also need to clean up your lot so that it creates a favorable first impression. Simple things like clearing the weeds and removing the trash, as well as erecting a fence with clear boundaries can appeal to even the more seasoned buyers.