How to Sell Flowers Online: Ecommerce for Florist Businesses

As online shopping and delivery services become more popular, we continue to see a shift in the flower industry. Traditional florists find it harder to sell and reach new customers, leading to the false belief that the industry is on the brink of death. These increasing challenges may have a lot to do with an increased interest in convenient and accessible shopping, not necessarily a decreased interest in floral arrangements.

Statistics show that about 18% of internet users worldwide have bought birthday flowers and gift sets, like dried letterbox flowers online. The reality is that e-commerce flower shops are not that different from traditional ones. The flower e-commerce industry is simply the addition of modern customer interaction, transaction, and delivery methods to the traditional trading model. These additions help significantly reduce real estate rental costs, workload, time, and energy for sellers and customers, enabling them to get more out of every sale.

As for how this incredibly convenient way of selling and shopping is possible, it has a lot to do with the help of ecommerce platforms like Ecwid. This makes it easy to take care of all the web design, transaction, and order management processes, making it easier than ever to start an online flower shop.

The online flower industry may sound like a mystery or a threat to many, but we are here to shatter all these claims. Read on and discover how you can easily make the switch to selling flowers online, or simply add this option without leaving your physical store.

Reasons to Start a Local Florist Delivery Business:

  • Unsaturated market. Great opportunity for local florists to stand out from the crowd.
  • Lower operating costs. You don’t have to pay for rental space.
  • Easy to customize. Customers have more room for creativity.
  • Makes shopping easier. You don’t have to move from your home.
  • Great opportunity to reach new customers. Greater chance of being found by many.

These are just some of the many reasons to start an online flower delivery business that we will discuss in this short post.

Online flower shops offer an opportunity to stand out from the crowd

Offering local flower delivery services is a great way to find a solution to a common need. Often, due to work or just distance, many find it difficult to send their loved one’s flowers when there is a special occasion or just as a way to show them something. Having the option to have someone else deliver their loved one’s gift right to their door is something many are willing to pay for.

It is not possible for a customer who is located in Texas, for example, to know what kind of flowers are offered by a local Florida florist, where their loved one lives, without having access to a website with images, descriptions, and videos . This is why online presence becomes necessary even if you are a local and brick-and-mortar florist.

Imagine if someone who knows nothing about flowers calls to place an order without knowing what every flower you mention looks like?

This quickly becomes an impossible mission, one that emphasizes the importance of having access to an online store as it creates more room for customization and offers a nice preview to your customers. This gives you an edge over other stores that can’t offer the same.

Besides being a necessity, having a website and transitioning your flower shop to an online delivery service is currently considered a smart business move. This is mainly because the online flower industry is not that saturated yet, with few florists offering these types of experiences and services. This makes it a great time to start an online flower shop.