How to select your Tesla Model Y roof rack

Roof racks are bars or racks mounted on the roof of a vehicle to provide additional storage space for heavy or bulky things that cannot be transported inside the vehicle. These are usually must-have parts for an SUV, truck, or van. Roof racks are convenient for transporting various objects, such as bicycles, kayaks, skis, snowboards, and camping equipment.

These cargo holders are meant to safely store items while the vehicle is in motion and are often constructed from metals like steel, aluminum, or composite polymers. You can find Tesla roof rack in various sizes and have them tailored to fit your particular car model.

Qualities of the Tesla Model Y Roof Racks

The roof racks have many advantages, including the following:

  • Pressure rating
  • Effective aerodynamics

A quality roof rack shouldn’t weigh too much, be complicated to set up, and have limited attachment points. Also, the economy is crucial while deciding between different racks, especially for a Tesla. The newly remodeled Tesla Model Y roof rack looks much like the old one, yet it has many important upgrades.

Aluminum powder-coated metal is used to construct the Model 3 and the Model Y racks. Since having solid or hollow bars would make them too heavy or too light, respectively, these bars are in between. Instead, they’re made using aluminum tubes that span the length of the bar and are hollow for added strength.

The bars are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction, and they weigh just enough to be comfortably perched atop your automobile. The best thing is that the Model Y version only weighs roughly 16 pounds, which won’t significantly decrease your efficiency because of its aerodynamic design.

Tips for buying a roof rack for the Tesla Model Y

There are a variety of roof racks for the Tesla Model Y, each with its own style and weight capacity. It’s important to evaluate the weight you’ll be carrying before making any purchases. A hitch-mounted roof rack will be best if you need to travel with heavy equipment. Contrary, if you want to carry lightweight accessories, a cross-board type roof rack will go with your car.

There are a few things to think about when buying a roof rack for your Tesla Model Y, including:


Pick an aerodynamic roof rack to lessen the wind resistance and road noise you experience. You’ll be able to save money on gas and have a better driving experience overall if you do this.

Weight Limitation

Remember that the Tesla Model Y has a 165-pound roof weight limit (75 kg). You need to consider what you’ll be putting on the roof rack and be sure the crossbar you pick can support your load.


You should shop around for Model Y roof rack and pick one that is reliable yet doesn’t break the bank.


Before making the purchase, ensure the roof rack will fit on your Tesla Model Y. If you want to ensure your parts are compatible. It is good to check the manufacturer’s website or talk to a Tesla dealer.


Think about how quick and simple it will be to mount the roof rack. Find a model that won’t scratch your automobile and can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.