How to Select UPS for Home?

The days are over when you have to bear the intense heat after a fail in power supply. The people get relief from the perspiring summers by installing UPS in their homes. The power backs up system is an efficient tool to run the home appliances by switching to battery mode.

Regalia UPS are of three types –

  1. Stand by UPS system- it is commonly called as offline or line preferred UPS. It consists of a battery, inverter, static switch, low pass filter, and surge suppressor.
  2. A line-interactive UPS system- in this system the inverter and battery are connected to output and switch helps to supply the electric current during the failure in power supply.
  3. A double-conversion UPS system- it consists of a battery that is charged with the help of input alternating current.

The UPS is used in various places like hospitals and medical centers, data and call centers, banks, TV stations, telecommunication and cable companies, Universities, utility companies, production-based factories.

Buying Regalia home UPS online needs complete research in terms of the battery being used to run the electrical pieces of equipment. The battery is the backbone of UPS. It is the main component of the UPS. The power back system works efficiently if it is maintained regularly. The life and performance of the inverter depend on the type of battery being used in the system. There are few maintenance tips for the battery used in the power back up system.

  1. Battery placement- the battery should be installed in well ventilated and airy space as it gets heated up charging and operation mode. The airy place reduces the heat.
  2. Battery usage- the battery should be used regularly even if you have the least power failure. The battery should be recharged after discharging it completely.
  3. Check the water level- the water level should be checked every two months. The battery should be filled with distilled water from a minimum to a maximum limit. Tap water should be avoided as the impurities present in tap water reduce the efficiency of the battery.
  4. Cleanliness- the sides and top of the battery should be dust-free. The battery terminals should be cleaned with a soft cloth.
  5. Protection from rusting- the terminals of battery should be prevented from rusting. Pour hot water and solution of baking soda over the terminals to remove the rust. The terminals should be cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Apply petroleum jelly to the cleaned terminals of battery for smooth flow of current as corroded terminals restrict the flow of current. This affects the efficiency of the battery and decreases the life of the power backup system.
  6. Open vents- the open vents- should be dust-free of dust as a pile of dust and dirt on the open vents leads to accumulation of hydrogen gas in the battery and this could even lead to bursting of the battery.
  7. Safe installation- the battery should be installed away from the reach of children. Space should be less in use.
  8. Battery replacement- the dead and damaged battery should be replaced soon as it affects the efficiency of the power backup system.

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