How To Select The Best Mattress For Good Posture

When your mom tells you to follow your dreams, ensure you have a supportive mattress to help you sleep.

Sleep longer so you’re not giving up on your dreams. For that, you need to invest in a posture care mattress. But before you do, here are a few reasons why you need a mattress that cares for your posture and how you can select the best mattress for good posture:

  • What’s a good mattress for my back?

There are various kinds of mattress available to address different concerns you may have. A few commonly used mattresses are: 

  • Innerspring mattresses

The traditional bouncy beds you see in movies etc., mostly use a spring. Hence the bounce and the support. These mattresses are highly customizable and affordable in comparison to other types.

  • Latex mattresses

The reason why this type is popular is because of the comfort it provides. It conforms to your body contours and yet doesn’t sink or heat up. Most brands use natural latex they derive from trees. Other brands use a mix of natural and synthetic. 

  • Memory foam

Although with memory foam, you might have a little bit of warmth trapped, if you’re looking for a perfect hug that can contour to your curves, this mattress will make you feel supported well.

  • Hybrid

These mattresses mix layers of latex and memory foam over an innerspring coil to provide you with both support and comfort.

  • Air mattresses

Usually comes with two chambers where you can use an air pump to pump in the air according to your preference. If you need an adjustable mattress, this is a great buy.

  • Foam 

Polyurethane foam allows you to have a soft bed perfect and comfortable for the days you want to just sink into your bed.

  • How to pick the best mattress for my back?

The best mattress for good posture would always consider your sleeping position at night. Here is a small guide to help you make the best choice depending on if you sleep on your:

  • Back

Go for a medium-firm mattress as it can adapt to your body contours, all the while supporting your back so you can wake up without any body-aches. A hybrid mattress or an innerspring mattress would be best for you.

  • Side

Waking up with aching hips and shoulders? You need a mattress that doesn’t sink in but shapes up to your curves. A firm mattress would be perfect for you. Look for a memory foam top layer as it can gently take on your body contours without losing its shape.

  • Stomach

Look for soft mattresses and opt for a thinner pillow to help reduce the strain on your neck and lumbar region. Foam mattresses would work best for you. 

Don’t forget that your bodyweight also needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing a mattress. As the body is heavier in certain parts, your mattress can lose its shape if too soft. A firmer mattress might be best for you. Snoozer posture care mattresses can best help you as they are designed while keeping your posture in mind.