How to Select the Best Gas Fireplace for Your Home

Are you looking to buy a gas fireplace for your existing or new home? Well, experts recommend considering the below-listed pointers when determining which fireplace is best for you.

What Gas Fireplace Style You Prefer?

Gas fireplaces are available in a variety of styles &brands and you’ll certainly like one of them. Jetmaster gas fireplace & Heat & Glo gas fireplaces are available in traditional, modern and fusion styles.

  • Traditional-style Heat & Glo gas fireplaces include the Cerona gas fireplace or flagship 8000 series. It features realistic logs, embers and flames with different fireboxes and surrounds to harmonise a home’s decor.
  • Modern design trends have dominated many home building products and fireplaces. Instead of traditional fireplace logs, many of the modern-style fireplaces have media such as coloured glass crystals, stones, pebbles or a blend of those materials. To match with today’s modern styles, they may also come in a non-traditional shape or size, with LED back-lighting, in-line flames and sleek finishes on the edges. A fantastic example of the development from traditional styles is Heat & Glo’s MEZZO gas fireplace.

What Type Should You Choose – Direct Vented or Unvented System?

  • Direct vent systems safeguard indoor air quality considerably better than unvented, ventless or vent-free gas fireplaces.
  • Unvented systems make use of indoor air and oxygen for the fire, and release exhaust and byproducts like moisture, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide inside the home.

Many fireplace manufacturers, re-modellers and retailers don’t sell unvented fireplaces because of safety and condensation/moisture issues. All Heat & Glo gas fireplace systems are Direct Vent, which means they have sealed combustion systems that pull outside air for the fire and release combustion exhaust outside the home.

Heating Effectiveness

A gas fireplace can help lower your home’s heating costs; install it in the area where you spend most of your time and you can substantially reduce your heating bills up to 37%. Besides, it will augment your room’s appearance.

Where Should You Install Gas Fireplace in Your Home?

Earlier, a gas fireplace was usually installed or placed in living rooms or family rooms. This traditional placement of gas fireplaces doesn’t exist nowadays; instead, they can be installed in any room of a house where warmth and ambience are desired.

  • Visualise switching on your gas fireplace to work in your home office or just to immerse in the tub.
  • If you like to read during bedtime, then the warmth of a fireplace would be a great option, it will aid in soothing your nerves and make the way for many nights of peaceful and quiet sleep.

The placement of the gas fireplace on the wall has seen a change; modern-style fireplaces are placed higher on the wall, similar to a piece of artwork. Besides, you’ll get transparent and multi-sided fireplaces, which can be enjoyed in more than one room at the same time!

ROI (Return on Investment)

Fireplaces are amongst the most-liked features house buyers look for in a home. Around 39% of those surveyed by The National Association of REALTORS®in a survey conducted in the year 2013 expressed their desire to pay more for a house with a minimum of one fireplace installed.

  • Gas fireplaces are available at a variety of prices, so every homeowner can choose one that best fits within their budget.
  • How much would you like to spend on a gas fireplace? A fireplace enhances your home’s value. So think about the return on investment that you would reap by installing a fireplace in your home.

Fireplaces are among the preferred home conveniences, and many homeowners would like to get one installed, including those homeowners who may want to buy your house in the future when you’re ready to sell it.

Final Words

A gas fireplace is a fantastic appliance that’s a must for every Aussie home to get the much-needed warmth in cooler winter months.

  • If you don’t have one installed, then look for a reputed Heat & Glo gas fireplace dealer near you and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • If you’re looking for professionals who can install your brand new Heat & Glo gas fireplace in your home, then get in touch with the plumbing experts near you.
  • Besides, licensed plumbing professionals can also offer you continued Heat & Glo fireplace service and Heat & Glo fireplace repairs.