How to Select the Best Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

Heat pump heating systems are a highly energy-efficient method to meet your residential warm water consumption needs. Among various heat pumps in this system, it is acknowledged that air source heat pump water heaters are becoming priorities when people select heat pumps.

Since it brings numerous benefits to people’s daily lives and meets the requirement of the government policy, the air source heat pump water heater plays a vital role in daily necessities. However, one concern individuals commonly have is to choose an air source heat pump water heater. Thus, this article will list down the five things you should consider before purchasing one.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Hot Water Heat Pump 

When an individual has decided to purchase a hot water heat pump, several factors should be considered: storage capacity, performance, energy efficiency, and more. And the following are some essential elements you should consider. Now, read ahead to get five tips in detail.

  1. Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater VS Boiler

On the one hand, the heating methods between these two products are different. Boilers perform precisely what their label says: they heat water. Boilers ‘boil’ water until it is heated to a predetermined temperature. In comparison, an air source heat pump water heater uses electricity to transfer heat from a chilly space to a hot space, making the warm room warmer in the wintertime and the chilly area colder in the summertime.

On the other hand, their energy efficiency is disparate. For example, conventional gas boilers which are well-maintained may readily offer up to 85 % energy efficiency. However, the air source heat pump water heater outperforms even this fairly optimal rating. For example, an advanced heat pump may reach up to 300 percent efficiency since it recycles thermal energy from the atmosphere, water, or earth.

This comparison shows how effective contemporary heat pump water heaters are and how they gradually displaced traditional boilers. If you are considering which one to choose, it is wise for you to select heat pump water heaters because your costs will surely go down. 

  • Storage Capacity

Another fundamental and essential factor you should consider is the storage capacity a central water heating system provides. For example, a correctly sized air source heat pump water heater is required to supply your home with ample hot water while maximizing efficiency. In principle, the larger the property, the larger the air source heat pump water heater required. For example, a 100 square meters home may need an air source heat pump that creates at least 3kW, based on energy loss, building age, and bedroom kinds. 

It is worth mentioning that the best hot water heat pump from NEWNTIDE consumes 70% to 80% less electrical energy than a conventional electric water heater. Therefore, every 1kW electrical energy the heat pump water heater consumes will drive the unit to generate 3-5kW heat energy, which is abundant for residential use.

  • Performances and Functions

Before purchasing an air source heat pump water heater, you must look at what functions it offers as your requirements and needs may differ. For instance, the following will cover certain elements that help you distinguish a top-tier one heat pump water heater.

  • The most exemplary heating pump must employ a solid compressor such as a twin rotary that operates discreetly and efficiently and has shown to be more reliable with a longer lifespan.
  • The air source heat pump water heater must have a micro-channel warmth exchanger, which increases the possible surface contact between the internal storage tank and the heating coil, hence improving the water heater’s efficiency.
  • The outlet temperature of the air source water heater should be high as it can quickly fulfill the demands of hot water for residential sanitary purposes.
  • Another function available in a top-tier air source heat pump water heater is an advanced LED screen that makes the entire machine much easier to maneuver and operate.
  • Energy Saving

It is acknowledged that you will choose a hot water heater pump that is energy saving. As stated earlier, this central water heating system incorporates a high-technology rotary compressor, which allows for greater efficiency and a better coefficient of performance, resulting in significant energy savings of up to 75%. To mention that, the product from NEWNTIDE can save energy up to 75% and gain ERP, a certification of energy-related products.

  • Install and Operation

The final factor you should pay attention to is whether the product you purchase is easy to install. It is wise for you to buy heat pump water heaters that all elements are prebuilt, and all components are easily accessible for servicing. In addition, they must have the flexibility of being put indoors or outdoors, in a cellar or along a hallway with a ventilation duct connector.

The Best Place to Buy Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

It is time for you to make the switch towards the best hot water heat pump from the conventional boilers, as it will save you a substantial amount of money. If you have been looking for a solid producer of these heating pumps, it is sagacious for you to check out NEWNTIDE, which has been in the heating pump business for years and has mastered its expertise in providing consumers with the best. If you want to purchase an air source heat pump water heater from them, you will avail of all the must-have features a top-tier water heater should offer – such as the ones stated above.

NENTIDE is a hot water heat pump provider known for its high-quality products and the extra mile they run to satisfy their customers. If you are enthusiastic about their excellent products, please get in touch with them immediately.