How To Select Eye-Catching Tiles From the Bathroom?

Are you looking for ways to choose eye-catching tiles for your bathroom? Do you want to make your bathroom aesthetic and luxurious? Remodeling your bathroom’s look is an exciting but tricky process. Whether you want to change the existing bathroom tiles with the new one or want to update the whole one, there’ll be several factors that you must consider to achieve the best look.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom isn’t easy. You’ll be confused about what colours you should choose? Natural or textured? Or what tile design is best according to your bathroom interior? Professional tilers in Perth have vast experience in tiling services. They will help you choose the right one according to your bathroom designs and give it a luxurious look.

Moreover, tilers Perth are highly-trained and well-skilled in installing bathroom tiles. They are also licensed and insured and have provided tiling services for many years. In addition, here are some top-notch tips for selecting eye-catching tiles for your bathroom.

Tips To Choose Eye-Catching Tiles For Your Bathroom

Everybody wants to make their house look aesthetic and appealing with outstanding features. And the bathrooms are one of the important parts of the home that also need a classy look.

You must consider several important factors before choosing a tile, including the proper size, the ideal patterns, the soothing colours, and the placement of tiles. These factors will help you to brighten up your bathroom’s look. Here are listed below some tips to make sure that you’re selecting the right tiles for your bathroom:

The Accurate Size of Tiles

Selecting the right size of tiles according to your bathroom is quite tricky. If you have a small bathroom, don’t choose bigger tiles because they can make your bathroom smaller. But having a small size of tiles will have more grout lines, making you feel claustrophobic. It is not good because more grease lines will appear, which will ruin the look of your bathroom.

Choose larger tiles because they will have fewer grout lines. When choosing tiles, ensure the edges are rectified and choose the grout colour accordingly. Small tiles also make an eye-catching appearance if you choose the right colour and shape of tiles. Even with light and soothing colours with aesthetic features or designs, tiles can create a drastic difference and make your bathroom look more appealing. You can also consult with professional tilers in Perth because they will help you in choosing the right shape, size, and colour of tiles for your bathroom.

Tiles Layout

The layout of the tiles plays a very significant role in visually enlarging a small bathroom. To make the space look more substantial, arrange the rectangles diagonally. The other way of making your bathroom larger is by laying the rectangular tiles horizontally, or placing the tiles vertically will make the space longer or taller.

Colours of Tiles

Choosing the right shades of tiles for your bathroom is best because they are suitable for a bathroom with a small space. You can also select neutral colour tiles for your bathroom, such as white, cream, grey, or off-white, as it reflects more light and makes your bathroom larger. However, white tiles in your bathroom give the feeling of cleanliness. Most bathrooms, large or small, have white tiles because this colour expresses neatness, freshness, or calmness.

Consider glossy or metallic tiles for your small bathroom. By reflecting light and adding visual appeal to the room, they can make it happen and provide the room with a luxurious appearance. Although, you cannot ignore darker shades. The use of dark tiles can make a small bathroom appear longer or wider if they are used effectively.

Amount of Tiles Needed For a Bathroom

Hire tilers in Perth will help you by calculating the number of Tiles needed to decorate a bathroom. They will help you out by taking the proper measurements. They also suggest buying extra tiles for at least 15 per cent for any future emergency.

Choosing Right Materials For Your Tile Installation

Selecting the right colour and design for your bathroom is not enough. It is also essential to install the tiles using the right equipment and tools. If you decide to install the tiles yourself without experience, then you are ruining your tiles. It is better to hire professional tilers in Perth as they have the right tools or equipment for installing tiles.

They are highly skilled, well-trained, and have enough experience in installing tiles. They know which materials are used for installing the tiles or how it works. Professional tilers in Perth are also licensed and insured. If any mishap happens, like damaging tiles while installing, they will pay for it.


Here you read the valuable guidelines to select the eye-catching tiles for your bathroom. You can take the help of professional tilers in Perth to choose the best tiles for your bathroom that can give you the utmost aesthetic feelings. The instructions mentioned above will help you to choose the right tiles. If you follow these guidelines, you can only choose the best tiles for your bathroom that are both logical and innovative.

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