How to Save Your Air Conditioning Units from A Pest Infestation?

At the beginning of every summer, we see a prominent increase in the number of pests around us. The increase in the number is due to the reason they are looking to reproduce in this season. Most of the pests could not survive the harsh winters and therefore they are reproducing at the end of spring or at the start of summers to start a new colony. During summers it is very common to find regular ants, rodents, and other types of pests inside your AC units. Most of the time these pests find their way inside houses in search of food and shelter. Where it is necessary for them to do such things, it could cause you a lot of damage. However, if you want to save yourself from any kind of damage caused by these pests you need to take precautionary measures.

Common Pests Found in AC Units:

Some common pests found inside AC units that are rated as the talented AC destroyers include mice, rats, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons. They are the most dangerous ones as they could chew through everything. Moreover, they can squeeze themselves and fit inside tint spaces that is why they could easily live inside attic walls and different types of AC ducts. If your air conditioner is under their target then you are likely to experience damaged connections and holes in the ductwork. Where these rodents are causing physical damage at the same time, they pose numerous health risks to humans. The droppings and urine they leave behind can contaminate the air and cause respiratory problems for humans. In a worst-case scenario, a rodent could die in the ac ducts which would leave a foul smell for weeks.


Where regular ants seem quite small and harmless, they can cause a lot of damage. A large number of ants and colonies inside air conditioners could clog up the wiring and result in a possible short circuit. Where a short circuit would force you to buy a new AC and at the same time poses the potential fire hazard to the house. Therefore, if you find yourself surrounded with ant infestation you have to deal with the situation efficiently.

Defense against Pest Infestation:

The only way you could save yourself from pests is to follow strict preventions against them. You need to take the necessary measures to avoid unwanted guests in your house and your air conditioning units. Some ways to fight the pest infestation are discussed ahead for you.

Get Professional Help:

This might seem a bit extreme to you but sometimes it is better to get professional help. Spraying any kind of pesticide inside the AC vets and ducts could be very harmful to the humans and pets of the house. The pesticide you would spray could contaminate the air of the air-conditioner, therefore, it is best to call Pest Control Surrey experts to get rid of the problem. They would professionally eliminate all the pests and ensure that there is no health risk for anyone.

Seal All the Ducts:

The ductwork of the air conditioning units should always be sealed. However, the rodents can break through all those seals in the duct connections. But the regular checking of the seals and a general inspection of the ducts would reduce the risk of pests getting inside. Make sure you do that all around the year and do not leave winters out of your inspection. I understand during winters pest invasion is hardly a concern but it is always preferred to be on the safe side.

Cover Vents:

Vents of the house are like the highway for the pest to enter your household. Therefore, you must cover all these vents and flues. Try to buy pest-proof vent covers that will keep the bugs rats and any other varmints away from your home. Keeping your AC units covered during the winter would also save them from the dust and mud of the winters.

Regular AC Maintenance:

The best way to ensure that pest does not cause any damage to your air conditioner is to schedule routine maintenance of the system. Despite all your efforts, the pests can damage your AC units but schedule maintenance would minimize the possibility. Scheduled maintenance of the AC would ensure all the break-in points are properly sealed. Moreover, the maintenance would keep the AC running most efficiently. This would give you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly at minimum energy consumption.