How To Save Money With a Bulk T-Shirt Order

Whether you are starting your small business, purchasing T-shirts for a team match, extending your contribution to a charitable cause, planning a family gathering or just looking for an economical way to upgrade your or family’s wardrobe, buying bulk T shirts Australia is a great option.

Purchasing bulk t-shirts at wholesale prices are much more efficient and affordable than paying standard retail costs. You can enjoy dozens of clothes with bulk buying at significantly discounted rates.

While getting a plethora of options to choose from sounds interesting, the process can soon become overwhelming if you are new to the bulk t shirt buying process.

Apart from choosing the right sizes, proper colours and exceptional styles, you also need to secure the most efficient deal for your business, organisation or family.

Fortunately, once you are known to the culture of bulk buying, the process becomes simple and easy. 

In this article, we have discussed a few straightforward ways to help you find the correct styles and save considerable bucks when you purchase wholesale plain t shirts Australia.

5 Ways To Save Money With Bulk T-Shirt Purchase


Get An Understanding Of Your Requirement

Even before you start browsing the wholesale collection on an online store, get a rough estimate of the number of T-shirts you will need.

Getting an estimate of the quantity is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, overbuying can put a dent in your finances. Secondly, with a rough estimation, you can start comparing the best possible deals.

In wholesale deals, the price of T-shirts depends on the purchased quantity. Therefore, if you buy more, you will pay less for each t-shirt. For example, in a charitable marathon, get a list of the participants and order a few extra quantities to grab the best wholesale deal.

However, if you are planning to buy cheap plain t shirts Australia for your business, getting a quantity estimate might get tricky. It is recommended that you consider your target demographics and perform some market research before placing a wholesale order.

A Group Order Form Can Be Incredibly Beneficial

This hack is specifically beneficial for organisational events (corporate parties, charitable activities, marketing campaigns, company uniforms, extracurricular activities, etc.), family celebrations (reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) or community functions (community outreach programs, supporting a cause, sports events).

Share a group order form to understand better the bulk t shirt quantity you will need. Ensure the form contains all the options that you plan to offer, including style, sizes and colours.

Distribute this order form to every member of your family, organisation or community group and mention a clear due date.

Once you receive completely filled out forms, tally them up to get the t-shirt quantity estimate. It’s always suggested to order a few extras.

Consider the most common size and style mentioned in the form to order extra. Apart from the most common size and style, you can also order one or two extras for other preferences.

When you are buying bulk t shirt for a community team or a corporate company, ordering extra t-shirts to sell is a smart option because it offers a fundraising opportunity and offsets some of your expenses.

Choose White Whenever Possible

T-shirts are available in several colours. However, to get the best possible wholesale deal, opt for white t-shirts. Generally, coloured ones are more expensive than white plain t shirts Australia.

Therefore for every t-shirt, you can save a few bucks and end up making an economical purchase by ordering white instead of coloured. You might not notice any significant price savings with small quantities. But with bulk purchases, your savings can be substantial.

If you want to save money but still want a unique appeal for your t-shirts, you can get them custom printed. Screen printing is a great way to transform a boring plain t-shirt into something that resonates with your event theme, brand or company design.

Investing in white t-shirts has another potential money-saving benefit. Any extras or leftover t-shirts can be repurposed for the next event. 

Choose A Retailer Specialising In Bulk T-Shirts

To enjoy the best possible deals on bulk T shirts Australia, select a retailer that specialises in wholesale and bulk ordering. Such retailers offer a much more affordable and cost-efficient deal than traditional T-shirt manufacturers for retailers such as Amazon, Walmart etc.

Apart from offering special pricing on each t-shirt, some retailers also offer an additional discount on the final price. Therefore the more you purchase, the more you save. If you are lucky, you might even get eligible for free shipping and delivery.

Using an online retailer for buying bulk t-shirts makes the entire process much easier and simpler. You don’t need to go through different products physically. You can just add the styles and sizes to your Shopping Cart With a specific quantity and request wholesale pricing. 

Ensure to check the minimum order quantity to qualify for the wholesale discount and special rates.

Once you have received the final pricing of the products in bulk, check it carefully and proceed to checkout. Therefore buying bulk t-shirt is not just economical but also saves your precious time.

Pay Special Attention To Purchase Policies

Before making the payment, check the terms and conditions for exchange and return to avoid any complications later.

Also, consider the customer service policies, such as the grievance system, Product complaint information, legal terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

Inadequate customer service policies can lead to financial loss. You might get stuck with incorrect colour or sizing. Consequently, you will need to pay additional charges to re-purchase the necessary apparel.

So, evaluate the online retailer’s return, exchange and refund policies.


Buying bulk t-shirts is surely one of the best ways to upgrade your wardrobe or organise an event without exorbitant expenses. Follow this guide to enjoy significant savings during your wholesaler T-shirt shopping. What are you waiting for? Indulge in a shopping spree today!