Vacations can be very exciting. The joys of visiting a new city or country can stay with you for a lifetime. No matter the season or time of the month you go on vacation, the feeling of excitement abounds. There is so much to indulge in that it’s easy for you to get carried away. 

But you also have to keep in mind that a fun vacation can be expensive. If you are not careful, you may burn through your funds. The last thing you want is to be stranded very far from home.

This is why you must look for ways to save money while vacationing. This has nothing to do with going cheap on your vacation or not having as much fun as you would like, but it is all about maximizing your resources to the fullest, while you have fun.

Knowing a few money-saving tips can make a big difference in your vacation experience, so if you would like to learn how to save money on your vacation, read on.

1.      Create A Budget

Creating a budget ahead of your vacation is very essential. Without a budget, you would not know how much you hope to spend or even how much you need throughout the vacation. And this is a recipe for overspending, and running out of funds.

A budget helps put things into perspective. Rather than having them in your mind, creating a budget makes things more concrete. You would have something you can always reference any time to know how much you intend to spend at each point. You can research online to see the cost of things, including the travel ticket, accommodation costs, the average cost of meals in the country, and more.

You can always review your budget to remove or add things, after knowing how much you would be working with. Also, your budget does not have to be too detailed. It should just capture how much you plan to spend and where you expect your money to go.

2.      Shop Before Leaving

You can save a lot of money by buying things before your trip. The decision to buy things when you get to your destination can be very tempting, but also expensive. This is because things are usually more expensive around popular tourist sites.

Thus, you should create a list of the things you would need before traveling and see how much of them you can buy around you. This would help you save money in two ways: first, buying these things overseas may be more expensive. Secondly, it could save you from splurging money on things you do not need. If you visit a shop in another city, you would be tempted to buy way more than you had in mind before entering the shop. You can avoid all of that by just shopping for things before you leave.

Of course, only buy things that would not create extra baggage cost for your flight, as this would defeat the purpose.

3.      Pack Lightly

It is a vacation – you are not relocating. So you should not be carrying so many bags with you. In most cases, you are spending a week or 2, which means you should not be carrying a lot. Do you really need that extra bag containing five pairs of shoes? Or another bag with just jackets? Just one piece of luggage would work well most times. Any other thing can be stored in a backpack.

Packing lightly would allow you to save money on checking your bags. Also, with just one piece of luggage to worry about, you can move a lot faster and you would not have to worry about looking out for too many bags.

4.      Change Your Money Before Going

Many people often make the mistake of waiting till they get to their destination before changing their money, but this can hugely increase your travel cost. You can save more by having your currency changed at home, rather than doing that at your destination, where you may be charged outrageous exchange fees. If you would like to know the exchange rate of a particular currency or even exchange money without the hassle of visiting the bank, simply visit and do that with ease.

5.      Find A Group Tour

You can cut down on the cost of your vacation, and enjoy a more seamless experience, by being part of a travel tour. Travel tours usually offer discounts and have packages that you can budget around. They also have an itinerary which would allow you to do a lot of things than you may have achieved by planning alone.  

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.