How to Safely and Easily Plan a 2021 Beach Wedding

With the magnificent ocean view, gentle feel of the cool outdoor breeze, and incredible shoreline, it’s little wonder why anyone would opt for a beach wedding.

However, as aesthetically-pleasing as many beach weddings may seem, tying the knot on a shore-front requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you’re a shore-loving couple who dreams of having a beach wedding, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to safely and easily plan your special day:


Have a budget

First, like any other program, you and your significant other need to decide on how much you intend to spend. Having a written financial plan several months before the big day helps smoothen out the decision-making process. A working financial plan also ensures you’re not going from a glamorous wedding to a financially-struggling marriage.

So, have a sit-down moment with your soon-to-be spouse, or better yet, hire a professional wedding planner to walk you through the process.


Select your venue

After planning out your wedding budget, the next step is to decide on how and where exactly you want to hold the event. Are you planning on holding the wedding at a public beach in your area? Or do you intend on traveling out for the occasion? Other factors affect selecting the venue. Ask yourself and your partner questions like “Do you envision it as a grandiose occasion?” Or are you planning on inviting very few people?

Search online for places that fit with what you have in mind, look through their requirements, and read online reviews intently to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision. Once you’ve made up your mind, ask as many relevant questions as possible, including the venue capacity, available booking dates. And be sure you’ve got the necessary permissions and paperwork to avoid further setbacks.


Use beach-suited decor

As every shore-loving couple knows, beach wind can be quite unpredictable. The last thing you want is to have a strong breeze blow and rip apart your picturesque designs. In that regard, prepare for the likely catastrophe by securing everything beforehand. Attach sturdy materials and weights to lighter items, and invest in water and sand-proof Decorations for Weddings. Trust us, you’d be glad you did. 

In addition to having beach-suited décor, you should have your event planner purchase the appropriate venue necessities. For instance, you should invest in a good sound system that amplifies your vows over the sound of the crashing waves in the background. Also, every piece of furniture should be strong enough to hold things up and not sink too deep in the sand.


Plan your guest list

Depending on the venue’s size, and how big of an event you want your wedding to be, now’s the time to plan out your guest list. Send out the wedding invites early and make sure they explicitly state all relevant information.

If you’re hosting the event in a different country or hotel suite, take note of how many of your visitors would be coming with their families, and get the necessary bookings to guarantee a frictionless experience.


Dress appropriately

It’s not uncommon to hear of beach wedding fails of a bride tripping on her heels while walking down the aisle or a groom melting in his sweat courtesy of his tux, yikes!

On the bright side, with the right clothing selections, you can easily avoid these and many other attire-related catastrophes. In that regard, when deciding on what to wear for your beach wedding, always remember, “Less is more.” Opt for light and breathable clothing and beach-appropriate footwear like sandals or flats. Furthermore, to avoid getting things slapping on your face, it helps to tie your hair up in a bun, and consider swapping your wedding veil with a pretty tiara.


Decide on the food

Since the sun’s rays are occluded, beach weather gets hot quite often. Additionally, the constant blows of sandy wind can quickly ruin palatable meals. With that in mind, craft a menu with food items that are more resistant to heat, or better still have food storage to prevent things from getting messy.


Always have a Plan B

Last but not least, always have a backup plan. Even though you plan out every detail of your outdoor wedding down to the T, don’t be perturbed if nature visits with an unpleasant surprise, ergo: strong wind or a heavy storm. Just in case the weather goes south, have a covered tent or canopy nearby to accommodate your guests. Bonus tip: make sure it’s indoors.



And there you have it! Your go-to guide on planning the perfect beach wedding. With proper preparation and a workable budget, you’re one step closer to making your dream wedding a reality. As stressful or busy things can get, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, take pictures, and make fantastic memories surrounded by your loved ones.


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