How to run a jar file in Windows 10

In the two thousandth years, applications written in Java for mobile phones gained great popularity. Many of us remember very well those times when a person who could throw off Java applications from his phone was in great demand. Many have previously run Java applications on their computer, but over time they forgot which programs do this best. And also it is worth remembering that there are many computer applications that are also written in Java.

This article will tell you how to run a jar file in Windows 10, or rather than launch. Most Java emulators require the latest Java machine installed on Windows 10. Therefore, there is also in option to use warrior cat name generator there were use it is also worth considering where to download and how to install the latest Java version for Windows 10. Programs for a computer written in Java are launched using a Java machine, and they use Java emulators to run mobile applications. PC.

Java for Windows 10

The Java module is certified for use in Windows 10, starting with the release of Java 8 Update 51. Therefore, it is important to always install the latest version of Java in order to save your time in the first place. Only after installing Java for Windows 10 is it worth trying to run Java applications or move on to choosing an emulator for running games.

  1. We go to the official website of the developer:
  2. Download the latest current version of Java for Windows 10.
  3. Open the downloaded installation file and follow the installation steps.

How to run a Java application on Windows

There are many Java applications for the Windows operating system. Such applications are launched using a previously installed Java machine.

  1. Run the command line as administrator.
  2. Run the following command: [stextbox id = ‘download’] java -jar C: \ Users \ user \ jar_name.jar [/ stextbox]

It is also possible to launch a Java application for a computer directly from the desktop using the item open with, and selecting a Java machine there.

Java emulators for PC

The best Java emulator for a computer that runs on Windows 10 without any problems. Two versions of the emulator are available: Lite and Full. KEmulator Full takes up a bit more space, the main feature of which is the need to install the latest version of Java on Windows 10.

If Java has the latest version installed on your computer, the user will be able to run KEmulator Full with the file KEmulator.exe or KEmulator.jar. KEmulator Lite runs on a computer without a Java machineand anycase if you want to use Dwarf name generator to you can use it installed only through the KEmulator.exe file.

The full version of the Java emulator has wider functionality. Including allows you to adjust the screen resolution to any, has greater compatibility with almost all games and applications and better support for 3D games.

Sjboy Emylator is a small Java emulator. You can run any Java application format Jar. We recommend that you immediately select a device with a screen resolution greater than the standard one in the settings. Compared to KEmulator it has very few settings, Sjboy is a less functional emulator, but it launches most applications with ease.

Users with Windows 10 may need to use compatibility mode . Since the emulator likes to crash by default, especially when trying to open heavy programs.

Microemulator is the last of our list of Java emulators running the Windows 10 operating system. Microemulator only works with the latest Java machine installed. It does not work with all extensions that you can customize with grief in half. And also refuses to run some applications. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the ability to run Java applications through a direct link.


Although mobile Java games have already lost their popularity, the possibility of launching mobile hits of two thousandth years has remained. You just remember how the Gravity Defied or Mobile Russian Fishing levels passed. In those days, the capabilities of push-button phones were enough for us, some of them still work.

Therefore, in this article we examined how to download the latest version of Java for Windows 10, since many emulators require the installed version of the Java machine to work properly. They also showed how to run a jar file in Windows 10 using the once popular Java emulators for a computer.