How to Retain a Delivery Rate After Buying Email List?

Achieving a high delivery rate with an email list is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and effort to build a successful, engaged subscriber group that will provide you with the highest possible deliverability rates. This blog post will help you learn about some of the most important factors in achieving those rates for your business after you buy email list!

Send Relevant Content After Buying Email List

Use your email list to make offers directly relevant to subscribers. Sending promotional emails that are closely tied to consumer interests for each group will help ensure they read them and open other messages in the future.

Maintain a High Level of Engagement

Make sure you are constantly in touch with your subscribers, especially after sending an email message. Also, ensure you reply quickly when customers have questions or concerns. The more engaged you are with your customers, the higher deliverability rates you will get on the lead lists.

Active Subscribers in Email Marketing Lists

Ensure subscribers have recently completed an action tied to your business email list before sending a message. If they haven’t done something like sign up for content on your site yet, likely, they aren’t interested in your service or product specifically.

Starting Message with a Warm Welcome 

Send a welcome message to subscribers when they first start receiving emails from your business. Remind them what information they can expect and include an opt-out link that’s easy to find if anyone wants to stop hearing from you in the future. People tend not to click this link, so it’s a good idea to include the option as a positive gesture.

Allow Sharing Options

Include social sharing options on your site that allow subscribers to share your content with their friends if they enjoy what you send out. It will increase awareness for your business and help grow and maintain an email marketing list!

Maintain a clean list

People who haven’t engaged your business in the past or those who don’t want to continue receiving messages from should be removed or unsubscribed. Any emails that bounce back and fail to deliver will lower your overall delivery rate. Buying the list from the sources like LISTGIANT usually don’t have such problems and will have a higher delivery rate. That’s why choosing professionals with a good reputation is essential.

Avoid Promotional Content

Refrain from adding over-the-top promotional content in your emails that will annoy subscribers. Pushing too much promotional content or sending messages when nobody wants to read them can quickly lead to high unsubscribe rates and diminished deliverability. Only send an email when you have something interesting to say!

Send Messages to Maximum People

When it comes to unsubscribers, there are no hard and fast rules. The more you send out, the higher your rate will be on average while also highlighting how many people decide they no longer want to receive emails from you in the future. If possible, only remove someone from the lead list after multiple failed delivery attempts, so they don’t feel like you’re just trying to get rid of them.

Share Newsletters

If you send out email newsletters, make sure they’re relevant to your subscribers. An interesting subject line is the most important thing for getting someone to open an email and read more, so spend some time coming up with something that will catch your attention!

Monitor deliverability rates carefully when making changes to how often newsletters are sent out. If you’re not sure what your rate is, Google Analytics can help provide some insight into how many of the email addresses on your list are active and open messages when they arrive in their inboxes.

Send Emails regularly

Once a week or less is best for most subscribers, and the majority of people will only be interested in getting messages from you about once every few days. If you’re sending out multiple emails per day on average, your list probably has some issues that need to be resolved!

After buying an email list, ensure you follow all these steps to get the maximum delivery rate with your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my delivery rate?

To ensure the maximum delivery rate, you can follow these steps:

  • Send regular emails
  • Share engaging content
  • Allow sharing option
  • Avoid promotional content

How do I fix email delivery problems?

There are several ways you can overcome the delivery problems after you buy email lists. The steps include:

  • Check the reporting and analytics
  • Overview the IPs
  • Evaluate the content you are sending 

What affects email deliverability?

Although there are several factors but these 4 are the key ones that will affect the deliverability of an email, including:

  • Sending volume
  • User interaction
  • Quality
  • Sending frequency