How To Restore Your Sash Windows

 Restoring your sash windows is easier than it seems

Sash windows may lose their original look during operation. The tightness may be broken, some of the functions are lost, it becomes much colder in the house. Replacing a glass unit entirely may not be acceptable, especially when it comes to buildings of historical value. In this case, you must contact the special authorities that give permission for the installation of new windows. To avoid this, it is enough to perform sash windows repair in Chelmsford once and for all.

During the restoration, you may face various troubles, for example, incorrect positioning of windows or incorrect installation, due to which drafts occurred. Such problems can be easily solved with proper repair work. It doesn’t matter how long the window has been in use. Some glass units were installed about a hundred years ago, but this doesn’t mean that they need to be replaced. Contacting highly qualified professionals will help you extend the life of your windows.

3 Steps for Restoring Sash Windows

To restore an old window, you should carefully examine the glass unit and find possible problems. You also need to prepare a set of tools that will be needed for work and perform the following steps. The repair works can be carried out in any house without the approval by the corresponding authorities.

Remove trim, stops, and sash

The first stage of sash windows repair is the removal of stops and trimmings. You can use a regular cutting knife for this. It helps to remove excess paint and sealant. Next, you should use a painting tool to trim the frame.

It is easy to break the filling with the pointed end, but don’t make abrupt movements. Try to carefully remove:

  • nails;
  • screws;
  • bolts used to secure the glass unit.

The scraps must be removed from the wall. After creating enough space, apply the flat scrap. It is necessary to remove the bottom sash and the connector’s stoppers. They may break, so all manipulation with them should be carried out as carefully as possible.

The stops damaged during the process of refurbishing of sash windows can be replaced with a standard window cover. The final stage is the removal of the upper sash.

Replace damaged or missing glass and glazing compound

If the glass is not damaged, it is not necessary to replace it. New glass can be quite expensive. In this case, choose a cheaper glass and cut it to the preferred size. To fix the glass in the sash, use a special adhesive-based sealant compound. To fix it, you can also take a small bead and place it in the channel.

This allows the glass to be carefully fixed during the wooden window repairs. The outer glazing is sealed with a fastening tool at the joints. If there is no extra contamination, the line will be uniform. Once the material has hardened, remove the excess with a knife or a razor.

Put your windows back together

Now you need to attach the stoppers using different sized nails. Both small and longer ones are suitable. Don’t use too many nails. Return the sash to its place in the reverse order. First, fix the top sash not forgetting about the cords.

The next stage of the timber window repair process is weight installation. Make sure the window works as expected. Next, replace the dividing stoppers and mount the lower sash. The final step is the restoration of the interior of the glass unit and trimming.


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