How to restart your Phone When is Frozen|5 ways to Solve

The need to restart your phone occurs when the software is frozen and won’t do anything or turn off for one reason or another. It is quite impossible to turn it off in the standard way when that occurs. Before restarting your Android smartphone, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date ways that are suitable for all Android or iOS devices: Samsung, Fly, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, Meizu, Xiaomi, Asus, Apple,iPhone, etc.

In addition to hanging up, there are other reasons why you may need to restart your Android phone:

  • installing new programs;
  • SOFTWARE update;
  • virus removal, after which a restart is required.

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 Ways to restart your smartphone when is frozen

There are several ways to perform a secure device reboot:

  1. By pressing the power off (lock screen) button.
  2. By forcibly resetting the factory settings.
  3. Using a special app.
  4. Using the Recovery function.
  5. By fully discharging the battery.

The best option is to use the standard lock key, but if it doesn’t work, other techniques for restarting the system may also be useful.


Using the Power button

The standard Power button is available on absolutely all devices. It is usually located on the side of the body. How to restart Android on your phone using it: We find the desired key and hold it for a few seconds. The display shows the choice of “turn Off”, “Restart” or “Emergency mode”. Select restart. We are waiting for the system to restart. If the device freezes and does not respond to pressing the key, you can try to hold it for 15 seconds, or just pull out the battery. In the latter case, the system is guaranteed to restart, but the factory settings may be lost.


Restart with reset of settings

This operation is necessary when the system periodically crashes or memory is overloaded. All files stored in the device will be deleted, and the SOFTWARE will return to its factory settings. The sequence of actions is as follows: Go to the settings, select “Restore and reset”, then-just “Reset”. Confirm your actions by clicking on “Reset settings”. We wait for the system to perform the operation. This may take a few minutes. At the end, the smartphone restarts automatically.


Using the Recovery system

A more complex option, how to restart an Android phone, is relevant when other methods are not suitable. What should I do to do this: Hold down two keys: the volume control and the power-off button. Some models may use a different combination. In the black window that opens on the screen, select the Wipe Data menu, and press the Confirm key. Waiting for the restart to finish.


Using a special program

In the most difficult cases, when restarting the Android system on your phone is not possible using any of the above methods, you should use the Reboot Menu Widget program: Go to the Play Store, find the app and click “Install”. When the files are unpacked, we open the program and accept superuser rights. Go to the widget settings and determine the appearance and size of the icon displayed on the smartphone screen. When the parameters are defined, go to the application menu and select Reset, Restart, or restart recovery. We confirm the actions and wait for the program to complete everything automatically.


Battery drain to zero

If the restart button does not work and you can not use the above options, there is only one way to completely restart your phone – wait for the battery to drain. Android-based devices usually “sit down” very quickly, so 2-3 hours of active use of apps or a camera is enough to drain the battery. This is how you can charge your smartphone very fast after draining it.



Here you have it, follow any of the above methods whenever your phone is frozen and won’t do anything and get it resolved easily.

Thanks for reading

Komlev Eugene