How to Resolve the Brother Printer Connection Error

Brother is a Japanese multinational industry and globally known for manufacturing printers. You can find any type of Brother printer at very good prices. Brother devices have a simple interface and users can easily set the printer. But sometimes, users get a Brother Printer Connection Error while configuring it with a new device.

Connection Error on Brother Printer while using Cable

When you get the connection error on the Brother printer, check its cable. People often connect to the printer using a cable as it is easy to configure and the printing speed is better on a wired connection. Remove the cable from both systems and check its ends. The cable can show issues when it gets the cuts on kinks. If your cable is damaged then get a new high-speed cable. Now connect the printer and run it. You have to configure the printer on the computer.

Go to Printers and then choose your Brother printer model

Select the View button and follow the screen

Download and install Brother printer driver 

Restart the system and connect it to the Brother printer with a cable. Wait until the PC recognizes the printer and establishes the connection. Go to the Printers and Scanners folder and select Add Printer option. Choose your Brother device and the printer is configured. 

Connection Error on Brother Network Printing

Getting connection errors on network printers is common. Whenever the router stops working, the printer shows a connection error. You should connect the Brother device to the secure router only. Before connecting, check whether the Brother device is compatible with network printing or not. The wireless printing feature is not available on old devices. Also, check for the WPS on your router. It allows a direct printer connection to the router. Now check for the SSID of your network. 

  1. Press the Menu button on printer
  2. Go to the Network page
  3. Select the WLAN option
  4. Go to Setup Wizard
  5. WLAN Enable wizard will be displayed
  6. Select the Yes button

Your Brother printer will start searching the network. Users will get SSIDs on the screen. Select the SSID of your network and then type the password. After connection, go to the printer and check the connection status.

If you are getting the error message on PC then check for printer-PC connection on the network. When you connected the printer with the network correctly; check the PC. For accessing your Brother printer, connect the PC to the same network. Open the Printers tab on your system. Users can see the available printers. Click on the Brother printer SSID. The user will get a password prompt on his desktop. Type the password of Brother printer. If you haven’t changed your password then enter the Default Password for Brother Printer. Now the PC can access the printer. Open the document and then try to take printouts with Brother.

Fix your Brother Printer Driver

When the printer is not working and you are getting a connection error, check its driver. Users can get numerous errors due to the corrupted driver. Editing or fixing the driver files is not easy. Don’t edit any file if you don’t know the guidelines. You can use the driver repairing software. Install the driver repair program and run it on the system. It will search for all the corrupted drivers and then repair them. Instead of using the third-party repairing program, you can reinstall it. Remove the installed Brother driver and all its files. Install a new driver from the Brother website. When the printer finds the correct driver, the error will get resolved.

Scan your Computer

When the connected Brother printer starts showing the error message then you need to check for malware. Viruses often interrupt numerous programs on the system. When the user sends the print command, viruses corrupt the command and the printer shows an error. To repair this error, the user should clean the computer and remove all the threats. Run an antivirus that can delete all types of malware. After removing malware, you should also delete the system junk files and then reconnect the printer. If Brother printer is still showing connection error then get technical help.