How to Resolve Epson Printer in Error State Issues?

Over the years, Epson Printers have significantly gained popularity because of its durability and excellent print quality. Once you set up the printer, you can use both the wired and wireless connection methods to print all your documents and photographs. You can use devices like desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs, etc. to connect to the printer and print. However, instances occur when you might notice that the Epson Printer is in an error state. In such cases, you will not be able to print your documents until you resolve the problem. While such issues can be frustrating, you can follow some simple troubleshooting methods to get rid of the issue and ensure continued services from the printer.

Read on to explore the various ways by which you can resolve the error state of Epson Printers and understand why these issues even occur in the first place.

Why Epson Printers Go To An Error State?

Before we jump onto the troubleshooting part of Epson Printer’s error state, it is important that you know what the underlying factors that contribute to this problem are. It will help you both effectively and quickly resolve the issue. Epson Printer in error state along with some other issues like Epson WF-3620 error code 0x97 and not printing black usually occur due to improper printer settings. Secondly, paper jamming and low ink cartridge levels are some of the most common reasons for the occurrence of most of the Epson Printer problems.

You can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to resolve these errors:

  1. Restart the printer. Switch off the printer and disconnect all the cables attached to it.
  2. Open the printer access door and check if there is any jammed paper inside. If yes, grab the jammed paper using both your hands and gently remove them while ensuring that no paper traces are left inside the printer.
  3. Once the jammed paper is removed, check if there is any clogging onto the printhead. If yes, remove the printhead from the printer.
  4. Dip  a clean cloth into lukewarm water and remove the excess water from it.
  5. Use the wet cloth to clean the printhead. Keep the printhead aside and let it dry.
  6. Once the printhead dries up, fit it back to the original position of the printer.
  7. Now, remove the ink cartridge and check for the required ink levels. If the ink levels are low or insufficient, replace the cartridge immediately and check if the print quality is good.

So, these are some of the most effective yet simple ways to resolve issues like Epson Printer in error state, Epson XP410 not printing black, error code 0x97, etc. Follow them the exact way to ensure a hassle-free printing experience. Besides, following these techniques and resolving the issue on your own can save you a lot of your precious time and effort which otherwise you’d have spent on looking for a printer technician. These methods are the most basic troubleshooting approaches; however, if you are still not able to get over with the problem, it is recommended that you contact an authorized  printer technician, and seek immediate assistance.